Thursday, December 13, 2007


Tsim Sha Tsui kowloon courtesy from

I know I read the lines
The BN government finally hits the rod
ISA rocks the nation

Now freedom on the way out
Nothing really to stop them now
The sleeping beauty finally signs blindly
The ISA trooping out to nail the lizards

Engagements and dialogues
The BN leaders have no time to play
The many corridors on the cross sections
You think they care to listen to your complaints

I don’t believe the stuff
The Hindraf leaders made out to be
But I believe the poor of many races
Living from handouts and charity

Now the government made these leaders
The heroes of the marginalized Indians
It is a double standard to a degree
When UMNO leaders rants in the UMNO Assembly
Nothing was done not even suspensions

Will it be fair?
See who is in power
Then you can decide
Oh Malaysia!
You make it to the world front page again!

The drum beats moving on
The distance echo will sing its tune
You think people forget
The changes will be made

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