Sunday, December 02, 2007


AIDS kills. Yet the young adults can't care less with their lives. Engaging in one night stand and then bragging about their exploits forgetting a minute about the lurking virus slowly making its way to the body systems. They can be secondary students, fresh graduates or professionals just remember to practise safe sex. It makes the difference between romantic death and old age death. One has a choice to make so make it wisely. Nobody can help you if AIDS comes a calling. It is said it could be passed to blood transfusion, sharing needles like those drug addicts, sharing too many partners, practise no safe sex..................The last one not many couples want it. This is what the devil wants you to do. One false romantic illusion a life time of misery. And dont forget about kissing...................though it is unlikely could happen but scientists aren't 100% sure about it because somebody got it. The Bible says about the 4 riders of death. This is one of them. The ancient Maya foretold the end of the world in we have only 5 more years on Earth? The population is about 6.5 billion people and the heavy weight on mother earth has cracked up her belly. Volcanoes in Indonesia....The major ones can be in African continent which will spread to USA along Florida coast....And we are still fighting for our rights to get our freedom of speech and association. Better pray to our Lord let there be no curse befallen on mother earth. AIDS is one of those diseases hunting the humans. Yesterday I saw the film 28 days...........about virus attacked humans turning them into zombies. Something to think about

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