Sunday, December 23, 2007


8 more days before the closing year
What we have done thing never done?
Looking back we were taken for rides
Believing something will change
It is just saying doesn’t know what to do

50 years of serving under BN rule
The lopsided benefits saying it is for all
NEP should be gone by now
Yet it is retained to service the BN elite
Nothing for the poor to uplift social values

The marginalized people
Feeling the pinch and the lack of opportunities
Be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kandazan, and others
The wealth of the nation doesn’t benefit the low rung of society
It is always hanging up in the higher tree
Only when one is aggressive knowing the crunch dares to try
Then the BN will use ISA to conveniently put away the fires
Letting the truth hide behind black curtains

Corruption, transparency and accountability
It is just a password of the BN rules
Do we hear something good in our days?
The 2 sets of laws seem to fly
One for us, one for them
We put them in power
They treat us like pariah dogs………….
Only when election comes
The leaders will treat the voters like king and queen
Anything you ask they will try to comply
With painted smile……………

Street demonstrations
Asking for redress of opportunities
Telling the masses right the wrongs of the country
Here you see the police and water cannons
Servicing the political lords than fighting crimes
Murders, rapes, commercial crimes, gangsters
Mushrooming in the length and breadth of the country

Our rights under the Federal Constitution
Aren’t coming to support our causes
The ruling BN will punish those people
Let them know the Constitution is in their own interpretations
Nothing for those trying to make it right in the nation

8 more days to closing the year
Many will try to see what can be done
In their own simple ways
They want rights restore to them

Trust funds collecting wealth
The opportunities are with the rich
Every trust fund by the government
By the time you walk to the banks
“Sorry all are sold out!”

So where are the opportunities?
The BN knows the rules
Yet they don’t really make it
To let the lower rank of society
Enjoy their fruits helping the nation

The divide and rule
Learned it from the colonial master
Now the BN plays the game
Though the leaders say
“It is democracy”

The sins of our leaders
Floods come to play their games
In the end we get mud on our faces
And we peep into the small eyes of the rodent
“Welcome people
You woes aren’t over with me”

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