Wednesday, December 05, 2007


A 55 years old Chinese man fell to his death from a high rise building. The fireman tried his best to talk him out of it but the Chinese guy jumped eventually. The firemen with safety net didnt catch him when he fell from the high rise building. The firemen knew about it and so what really happened why the firemen didnt catch him when he jumped from the high rise building? The safety net can be moved by the firemen. It is not screwed to the ground. It is hand carried. So I dont know how they could miss the man falling. Suicide doesnt end one's woes. If there is a judgement day, he/she has a lot to answer. Maybe they will die a second time missing the journey to paradise. We are here to learn as much as we can. The easy way or the hard way; either one shouldn't commit suicide. One will lose the legitimate right to inherit the paradise world. So think about it before one takes one's own life. It isnt worth it. One will suffer more than one bargains for it. Death doesnt solve one's problem. One makes one's own hell fire. So just remember not every one will strike rich on this earth and not every one will be poor forever on this earth. Some are born rich; some are born poor. Some are born to be great people; some are born to be the ills of society. Some are............ You know there is dark and light. You choose it or you loose it. You are born for a reason on this earth. It is to inherit the world of paradise.

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