Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The faint rain of charity
It is said it is better to give then receive
But it has to happen in the home
When home is properly set up
Then charity starts

I think it is Allah way
To test His people every now and then
Otherwise who will remember?
The points He says one must accept

I know there are other ways
Time and effort of self serving charity
On the helpless people
On the streets and in charity homes

As we all know in our years
Every small part will surely help
The poor and helpless souls
Struggling to live lives of dignity

I thank you for your efforts
Bringing some cheers to these folks
I only wish the government should do a lot more
Use Socso tax on the working population
A ringgit a person it collects a lot
And I am very sure the working adults won’t complain
They just have to smoke less, drink less, and enjoy less!

And so charity begins
At home!

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