Wednesday, December 19, 2007


At least 29 people have died from the floods which have hit various states since early this month.
aerial view of Pekan by The Star
The floods dance
On the streets and rice fields
Without a care to its surrounding
‘You mess with me
This is how I made you pay’

The crying of distress
The water levels rushing high
Trapping many innocents
Many properties submerged in water

The innocents pay
For the gross greed of others
The floods have no eye to see
It comes to call its days

The trumpets sound asking for help
In the air wind carries it far and wide
The good charitable people and organizations
All unite to help

Now the sleeping beauty
Better think twice on the corridors
The floods will come
Many deaths will be paid
For the greed camouflages as developments
A heavy price to pay; better do without it

The floods tango
On the greed of Man
We play with nature
We will loose in the end

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