Saturday, December 08, 2007


Anything to do with UMNO
The police won’t make the walk
The IGP will sit on it
Talking in his hand-phone
He makes his business
To sleep on it until nobody remembers
So this is how it is working
Maybe I am wrong
But I read it is whom you know
The difference lies from there

When UMNO or its affiliates lodges police report
The top brass quickly swings into action
Calling the person to go to police station
Without clear cut investigation

What is the truth?
When it is at what point you looked
It is hard to say the least
But it is UMNO so it never wrong!

This is the thing
Too much power too long on the throne
Every thing and event disagree
UMNO will go after you

And the sleepy head will say
“Walk with me; talk to me”
When the people tell him so
He falls asleep some more

This is outright intimidation
By the police indirectly by UMNO and its affiliates
To block off any dissent amongst the people
Every thing is golden on the streets to the throne
No voice to dissent; no voice to protest

Remember the UMNO general assembly?
Police never swing into action
Though DAP made police report
Until today it is zero and zero

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