Monday, December 03, 2007


I don’t think I agree
The Hindraf way to get grievances across
Telling stories hard to believe
Big words wrong context claim

Going round the world
To plead for foreign leaders to intervene
Are they no shame at all?
We should fight it in the ballot box

Hindraf should list the “crimes”
The BN government tried to black out

But it was seen by many
Reported in the main newspapers
So the BN leaders let it reported
And turned around to say
We never cover our acts of defending the nation

The majority always eat the cake
The minority should have known this
But there are ways to go around
To highlight one’s grievances
Not at the ill-conceived notion of selling lies

Violence begets violence
Under one of the Malay NGOs
Portal Pekida published
“Needed suicidal bomber experience not necessary”
So will it end from there?
Now the police should pay a visit
To the leaders of Pekida

The Hindraf leaders should play like men
Take the bull horns fight it out in the ring
There is always a chance to win
But not in the world arena shaming the country

No militancy should rear its ugly head
If such people walk the streets
The nation will burn in golden flames
What will the country be then?

Engage the BN leaders
In the poll by the laws
Then there will be a peaceful change
Just don’t shame the country’s name
A bubbling pot of many races
Singing it truly Asia

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