Sunday, December 31, 2017

love conqueur all

True love conqueur all
The obstacles come its way
There will be no stopping it
It has to happen the smile makes it so

Even cancer can't stop the marriage
The man has to get it done for his woman
Even he nows she is going to die soon
He makes it a memorable day

They get married
They get to say “I do”
The parents and nurses cheers
The woman feels the joy and peace
The man knows what will happen
He may not see his wife again
In 18 hours time the woman dies
She loses her battle with cancer

There is always a cure for cancer
We mustn't close our minds to it
Chemotherapy and radiation can't really help
It causes more side effects than cure

Go for the natural route
Dandeloin roots kill cancer cells
Even blush berry in Australia too
Don't ignore baking soda

The nature ways are cheap
It doesn't cause a bomb in the pockets
It has no side effects
It makes the body strong to live

Finally pray to God
He is the one who will grant a life to live
Don't ignore Him in time of a need
He can make it happen

the current winners

The current winners
They still hang on the cocktail
They think they will be here
When the gong hits the sound

They forget about losing
In their world they forget
They talk down on the people
They push on the fear

Now the people have choices
They will know where to go
They aren't afraid of darkness
They have lived through with it

The current winners
Time to face the fall
No need to put up new faces
They are the same clones

time to move on

Some may not agree
The apology of Dr M
They think he will not change
The spots are there

These critics forget
He is in his 90s
He will not keep his spots
He has to make amends

We all make our mistakes
At that time we thought it was right
In time we felt it was wrong
It doesn't say we are bad

Those who spent time in jail
Under Operation Lalang would not forget
It is best they recognize it and moved on
Let history say of that time

Now it's time to dislodge Bee Anne
Its leaders make us look bad in the world
The scandals and corruption and greed
It is much worst compared to Dr M

Give the support to Pakatan Harapan
It is the way to make our lives change
Put Bee Anne leaders and cronies
In Bamboo River and let them sing their songs

the year 2017

The year 2017
It is coming to its close
It's time to take stock
The winnings and losses

The New Year Resolutions
I don't make it anymore
It may sound good on paper
But outside factors derailed its work

I keep one many years ago
It tells me I completed a few
One I done it half way
One I got it easy for my life

The year 2017
I have minor health issue
It isn't bad at all
Overall I am good in my well-being

I don't have winnings
I don't suffer losses
Though I am grounded on local tourism
It is best for myself

Economically I am surviving
I don't have financial blues to ponder
Everything I owned I had paid it all
I don't hooked into debts or addiction of drugs

I am free like the wind
Touching lives touching places
Living the time I have
The year 2017

The year of the Dog
I can't see far ahead
Maybe I don't see any change for me
I still live free writing what I see and read

Saturday, December 30, 2017

write the pages of a life

Write the pages of a life
There are many things to say and do
Fill up up the pages in its journey
It can't be so difficult to live in it

Don't close the book
Don't let the blank pages cry
Let there be something to write
It will fill up a life

Life is always ups and downs
It isn't always on a straight path
Life is good and bad
Depends who is playing the card

So write the pages of a life
Fill it up in stages in a book
It will make living easy
As life isn't always a straight path

dr m apologises

Dr M apologises for his past mistakes
Though as humans we all make errors in our lives
Though at that time we might feel right
When time passed we might be wrong

Although it takes him a long while to do
In public during his Bersatu AGM
It shows him he can do it
Though others may feel otherwise

Pakatan Harapan needs him
Remember what he was before
Now he is the right candidate
To lead the coalition to bring down Bee Anne

Don't keep on harping on Anwar Ibrahim
He can't do a thing while in prison
It is a reality Anwar couldn't lead the campaign
Let the old man untie the knots of his past

GE14 we must bring down Bee Anne
There is no reason for it to stay
Let Bee Anne bite the dust
Let the wind blow it away

EC runs

EC runs
The shifting of flags
Waving at the people
It doesn't see the anger

The line of white and red
Making its way to the camp
The sign of fear waving in
It doesn't worth the effort

The ball is round
It will roll in every direction
EC can twist any where
It's people who will decide

EC runs
The meat bones to collect
The bowls keep running empty
It doesn't want to feel hunger

Do it right for the people
EC will not feel empty stomach
As it is now it doesn't worth it
The wrath of the people will decide

love can be many things

Love can make you brave
It can make you climb mountain
It can make you do many things
You may not know you can do it

Love can make you smile
Even while you drive on the road
Everything seems so good
You think you can't make a wrong

Love can make you go round and round
Chasing the woman of your dream
She can make her wishes known
You will go out to make it happen

But love has its ugly face
Once Cupid pulls the arrow away
Everything seems to fall flat
You can't understand why it turns bad

Love will make you in sleepless nights
You will toss around eyes can't go to sleep
Love will make your mind in active mode
You want to find answers but there is none to know

In the end love will make you wiser
It doesn't want you to act like a fool
It wants you to know the pitfalls
Love mustn't be a one way street

Friday, December 29, 2017

there is always a cure for cancer

Cancer strikes
It sends a bad signal
Once it is in the system
The feeling of loss

The mind will cave in
The body will give up
It makes the victim stare
The life force going away

It is said cancer doesn't kill you
It is the commond diseases will
When the body system is down
It is the open gate of hell

The modern medicine can't help
It costs a lot of money to seek remedy
It may run high on the basic stage of cancer
When it doesn't work cancer will spread

The nature foods will help
There are for us for many reasons
It maintains our health and fight diseases
It doesn't cause bad side effects

Beets and carrot
Soursup fruit juice
Jackfruit, grapes, blush berry
Brinjal juice, baking soda, dandeloin roots

These foods have health benefits
It can kill cancer cells
When modern medicine fails
These fruits will come in handy

Don't go kill yourself
Fight it to the last
Try it and see what will happen
It will help you in many ways

the elephant in the room

The elephant in the room
The crawlies can't move
They sit down and look
They get the shelter and crumbs

The elephant can roar
It makes no difference at all
The crawlies will stay put
Sitting under the shelter for good

When it is killed
It gives out a very bad smell
The elephant can only roar
Knowing someone takes the fall

The outsiders will watch
Some will use placards to show
The displeasure in their eyes
Take out the elephant in the room

The crawlies enjoy the good shade
Drowning itself in the good spirits
They don't see the wrong
They take a long sleep in songs

the hiring of maids

The hiring of maids
The employers got burned many times
Now there is another scheme
It says it helps the would be employers

A few countries may not agree
The foreign governments want agents to handle it
They want the agents to be held responsible
For bringing maids to the country

Hiring maids on line
The immigration says maids must be in the country
How come?
Who will pay for the cost if the maids are rejected?

I believe the employers will bear the costs
It will burden the employers again
There will be the teething problems
Once the hiring maids on line rolls in next month

walk in the evening

Walk in the evening
Feel the soft breezes
Watching the people
Some walking with dogs

On the open field
The fat man and his dogs
The dogs doing business
Leaving the poo behind

See who is the unlucky one
Step on the dog's poo in the night
Of course the curses will come naturally
The smelly poo on the shoes or slippers

A cat is tied by a long rope
The owner doesn't want his cat to roam
Mixing with other stray cats
The ticks and fleas come along with it

The other stray cats
They chase each other
Jumping from a house to another
Catching me if you can”

It is with female cats
The male cats will do the chasing
The female cats have the power
They can sit and the male cats will run to them

In the evening walk
The sunlight is lowering its glare
The housewives will stand outside
Sweeping porches or throw rubbish

By the time I reach home
Darkness will descend
The sky will turn dark
Another being will roam the street

Thursday, December 28, 2017

the darkness fall

In the darkness fall
The mind will play trick
It lets fear creep in the soul
When life is alone

On the 4 walls closing in
The eyes can't see a thing
Fear will rear its ugly motive
Paralysing the movements

The fear in the eyes
As the mind stop functioning
In the darkness fall
The scream of the fallen

Not many have known
Walking in the darkness
The inkling of something sinister
Like shadows laughing at the back

In the darkness fall
When life is alone
The hearing of screams
As every limp behaves so slow!

the horse riders

The foxes hide in the bushes
Panting heavy trying to escape
Eyes in red minds in top flight
This time it will be over

The pack of mongrels
Running and barking wildly
Chasing the foxes on the run
Now the mongrels top and smell

The horse riders stop
Eyes train to seek the foxes
The horses feeling the heat
Breathing hard before the run again

The mongrels barking at the riders
The tails wagging eagerly to run
The horse riders pull the horses up
And yell for the race to start

The foxes see the scene
Quickly the foxes run ahead
Across streams and keeping away distance
They don't want to be caught and shot

The horse riders stop
The mongrels barking near the stream
Running wild with anticipation
The riders can't smell the hunt

The horse riders return
The mongrels barking incessantly
The truth is in the bushes
The horse riders don't see

the old town dead at night

The old town looks dead
When night drags its time
All the shops will be closed
Leaving the place in hollow

Once I remembered
Stayed in the town for a while
It was a night of food and drinks
The street stalls did a roaring trade

Years had passed
The old town night life sucks
There is nothing to do
It is early to bed

Maybe the green moon will like it
There will be no more sins to say
The night everybody should stay indoors
Watching news or televisions

When the new bus station takes shape
The old town will become a hollow night
The activities will shift bordering to the new town
Leaving the old town active in the day because of banks

The old town will not get back its heyday
Unless entertainment outlets are established
In it there will be the night flow of activities
Letting the old town get back its shine

walk by the lane

Walk by the back lane
In the quiet of the evening light
Look at the back houses
The dirty look for my eyes

Some will throw rubbish
Instead of the wastepaper baskets
Leaving it there for the stray cats
To pick it up and run away

Walk by the back lane
Some owners hardly return
Leaving the water overflow
The water tank balancing valves malfunction

Some kitchen doors are rotten
The stray cats can squeeze in and sleep
Maybe give births to the kittens
As the back lane are full of cats

Blame it on the owners
They don't return for years
Even their relatives hardly drop by
Leaving the homes alone

Walk by the back lane
The cats poo are lined on the streets
I don't see the houseowners come out to see
They stay indoors in locks and grilled doors

Walk by the back lane
The light slowly draws out on me
The street lights finally glow
I walk back home

a new team will take up the stage

The cauldron is boiling
The bubbles of hot water flow
Every drop there is a reason
The scandals soiled the nation

The barking dogs stand around
Watching the bubbles don't see the drop
They only smell the aroma of scented meat
Whet their salivas hoping to dip in

The drum beats surrounding them
The barking dogs stay and look
They don't find anything wrong
They only think of the scented meat

Across the nation
The people have realized it
This isn't going to help
They have to make it happen

Though the barking dogs realize
All good things must come to an end
But they feel this isn't the time
They know of the scandals but play ignorant

The people of the nation
They will let them feel the blue
Once the opportunity knocks the door
A new team will take up the stage

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the living poor cry

The living poor cry
They don't have anything to show
They are huddled in cramped corridors
Living from the kindness of charity

They can watch their episodes
Like a TV soap opera show
They wish there is a rainbow
A light to show the way!

But it isn't
They can't be seen
No leader will fight for them
Even showing their faces

The living poor cry
In every part of the nation
Charity for overseas funding
Back home nothing to show

the eviction

When you earn to live a day
Life can't be a bliss or joy
Everyday you wake up to see
Will there be light for you?

When you work your butt off
You will have that fear in your head
Will you meet an accident?
Will your employer sack you?

Now don't talk of saving
Working from day to day
You can't hardly save
You earn to survive

You may rent a house or a room
Pay the rental leaving enough to live
The everyday life, eat, sleep and work
The cycle will not break anytime soon

Once you owe rent
The landlord will not show mercy
He will ask you to leave
You will have no roof to hide

Without a permanent employment
You will stare at life in the bad
The years ahead you don't wish to know
For today you don't know where to go

It is a fact of life
The real episodes in our eyes
We read it all the times
The landlords will show no mercy

the game of blame

The pushing blame
On somebody to hold
The real person will be shielded
It's that simple

Somebody will take the fall
It will never go free in the mall
It's cash in secret code
The real crook will walk away

Now who is to blame?
The compromising agencies
The foot soldiers can't say
They will follow orders

One of the many reasons
The falling of a regime
Like the empires of history
The similar projections play

the foxes can't run

The foxes can't run
In the urban jungle
How to hide?
Everyone will know
Even in the alleys
The homeless people
Will try to look
When a bounty is offered
It will run up the chart
Money talk in many ways
The foxes have no way to hide
Though they can go underground
Live in quiet time until the storm is over
Maybe they can reappear
People may forget after a while
Unless it is open up the files
The foxes can't hide
Sooner or later they will be caught
For crimes in any forms will not go unpunished
It is when the crooks are imprisoned
Only then the files will be closed