Saturday, December 30, 2017

dr m apologises

Dr M apologises for his past mistakes
Though as humans we all make errors in our lives
Though at that time we might feel right
When time passed we might be wrong

Although it takes him a long while to do
In public during his Bersatu AGM
It shows him he can do it
Though others may feel otherwise

Pakatan Harapan needs him
Remember what he was before
Now he is the right candidate
To lead the coalition to bring down Bee Anne

Don't keep on harping on Anwar Ibrahim
He can't do a thing while in prison
It is a reality Anwar couldn't lead the campaign
Let the old man untie the knots of his past

GE14 we must bring down Bee Anne
There is no reason for it to stay
Let Bee Anne bite the dust
Let the wind blow it away

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