Thursday, December 28, 2017

walk by the lane

Walk by the back lane
In the quiet of the evening light
Look at the back houses
The dirty look for my eyes

Some will throw rubbish
Instead of the wastepaper baskets
Leaving it there for the stray cats
To pick it up and run away

Walk by the back lane
Some owners hardly return
Leaving the water overflow
The water tank balancing valves malfunction

Some kitchen doors are rotten
The stray cats can squeeze in and sleep
Maybe give births to the kittens
As the back lane are full of cats

Blame it on the owners
They don't return for years
Even their relatives hardly drop by
Leaving the homes alone

Walk by the back lane
The cats poo are lined on the streets
I don't see the houseowners come out to see
They stay indoors in locks and grilled doors

Walk by the back lane
The light slowly draws out on me
The street lights finally glow
I walk back home

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