Sunday, December 10, 2017

the nation must be color blind

The party better think of the back door
It makes the news; it will make the exit
Though it can think big in all the schemes
It has stayed its welcome on all the bad things

Every year without fail
There is the call of race, religion and royalty
Whom are they going to fool every time?
It has been guaranteed in the Constitution

Why must it keep drumming up the racial tone?
This nation isn't for a race or religion
It is a nation for all to progress together
United to face the borderless challenges

Here the party keeps harping on 3R
As if the party has a bad dream
It has to keep saying it to sound confident
In battling the everyday ups and downs

The nation must be color blind
The economy must be shared for all
Even rights and benefits mustn't be lopsided
It will never make the nation to progress

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