Saturday, December 30, 2017

love can be many things

Love can make you brave
It can make you climb mountain
It can make you do many things
You may not know you can do it

Love can make you smile
Even while you drive on the road
Everything seems so good
You think you can't make a wrong

Love can make you go round and round
Chasing the woman of your dream
She can make her wishes known
You will go out to make it happen

But love has its ugly face
Once Cupid pulls the arrow away
Everything seems to fall flat
You can't understand why it turns bad

Love will make you in sleepless nights
You will toss around eyes can't go to sleep
Love will make your mind in active mode
You want to find answers but there is none to know

In the end love will make you wiser
It doesn't want you to act like a fool
It wants you to know the pitfalls
Love mustn't be a one way street

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