Monday, December 25, 2017

let the change begin

Bee Anne can feel confident
With the fixed deposit states
Unwilling to adopt the change
Until they feel cheated!

Now the fixed deposit states
The people cry for their rights
Amno b leaders are playing nice
Telling them they will negotiate

Will Sabahans and Sarawakians wake up?
They shouldn't be short changed of their lives
Sabah and Sarawak are independent countries
It isn't a state; countries joined to form Malaysia

These people must play a role of change
Send the strongest message to Bee Anne
It's time for the wind of change of minds
They better play the dominant role

The next election is crucial
We aren't going to play fools
We have decided to follow the change
It is good for the mind and soul

Bee Anne is going to fall
It can plan to cheat in many forms
Once the people have decided to change
No law can stop them

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