Sunday, December 24, 2017

the game on the bed

Men always fear
The game on the bed
Once they start to roll
They have only the hockey sticks

The men will try
Hitting hard on the ground
Pushing, flicking, reversing
They hope to stay on the game

The men with the hockey sticks
They always fear the breakdown
Once on the high they hope to stay
Sometimes they score too early!

The goals can't be disallowed
The men curse the fast game
Too soon the act is over
The game on the bed

The women aren't satisfied
There is no drilling there is no hard hitting
The men quickly ejaculate leaving the women cry
Repeat too many times affairs will happen on the side!

The men who will ejaculate less than 10 minutes
They have serious issue on their hands
The game on the bed will feel cold
The women will feel dissatisfied!

Men should stay longer
Find ways to improve
One such method is using tooth paste
Use it to wash the penis glan

It isn't expensive
It is effective to stay longer in bed
There is no side effect
There will be the fun on the bed

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