Thursday, December 21, 2017

why afraid of an old man?

The green moon is afraid
Dr M will make them run
The green moon is bent on Islamic state
It doesn't agree to accommodate

Once it calls Amno b infidels
Now it wants to join forces
Again for the sake of Malay agenda
And the religion to flourish

Dr M may have his mistakes
He did try his way but not all were good
We had our ups and downs with him
This was expected in a one sided rule

Now he has learned his ways
This is probably he wanted to change
But the green moon is afraid
The party may not rise again

That too goes to white and red
The founder will know its inside out
Though its leaders keep hammering him
Dr M will stand there listening to it all

Why afraid of an old man?
Anwar is in prison and he will not be contesting
The opposition needs a steady hand to steer ahead
On the bumpy ride to get into Putrajaya

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