Sunday, December 31, 2017

love conqueur all

True love conqueur all
The obstacles come its way
There will be no stopping it
It has to happen the smile makes it so

Even cancer can't stop the marriage
The man has to get it done for his woman
Even he nows she is going to die soon
He makes it a memorable day

They get married
They get to say “I do”
The parents and nurses cheers
The woman feels the joy and peace
The man knows what will happen
He may not see his wife again
In 18 hours time the woman dies
She loses her battle with cancer

There is always a cure for cancer
We mustn't close our minds to it
Chemotherapy and radiation can't really help
It causes more side effects than cure

Go for the natural route
Dandeloin roots kill cancer cells
Even blush berry in Australia too
Don't ignore baking soda

The nature ways are cheap
It doesn't cause a bomb in the pockets
It has no side effects
It makes the body strong to live

Finally pray to God
He is the one who will grant a life to live
Don't ignore Him in time of a need
He can make it happen

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