Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the felda folks

Felda folks
Time to do some homework
Don't get drowned in money
Where you will lose your ground

Once you have signed over the land
You will have no control in the end
The promising of good returns
Now see what money rewards achieved?

The problems arise
The share price drops
You will see your value shrink
On paper it is how it is said

Do your still trust Amno b leaders?
Felda folks time to do your homework
There is another piece of land
Felda going to lose it in the end

The power of Attorney
It seems there is no restriction
With it the authorised person
Can transaction the piece of land

Now Amno B leader wants to make police report
It can be too late to rectify it
If the power of Attorney is legally binding
Felda has no recourse to claim it back

The entire Board Members should be sacked
Maybe face imprisonment for showing lack of accountability
But Felda folks don't you see it by now?
You don't vote to lose your land!

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