Tuesday, December 19, 2017

dengue fever

Dengue fever
It never wants to disappear
As long as the people don't change attitude
The Aedes mosquitoes will fly in droves

Dengue fever
Don't let the Aedes mosquitoes win
Don't say you will not get it
You are in the circle where mosquitoes breed

Clean the compounds
Throw away all empty cans and bottles
Harvesting pails of water let it use within 3 days
Else throw in abates to kill the Aedes mosquitoes

You can use salt to throw in the water
It will kill the larvae in the tanks or pails
But don't use it to water the plants
The salt water will wither the greens

In the New Wah Loong
It is said the Aedes mosquitoes breed rapidly
The residents still play hide and seek game
They think they don't get it but many had been bitten

Dengue fever
It never wants to disappear
It is the people's way of life
They are the cause of it

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