Monday, December 18, 2017

what's wrong if LKS become prime minister?

MCA Boh Leow
You are just a lap dog
Running like an unsound mind
Reading from a text elsewhere

If LKS becomes prime minister
Don't you feel happy for the Chinese?
Why must you run it down?
To carry balls of Amno B leaders?

MCA is the 2nd largest party in Bee Anne
You run like a no class leader
You want to stay relevant but you fail
You may even lose your seat in GE14

The Constitution never says of a particular race
Any person with the support of the majority MP
The person will become the prime minister
This is the democracy at work

But LKS of DAP he never says he wants it
He never even offers himself as a candidate
He infact pushes for a Malay prime minister
There are many in Pakatan Harapan

MCA Boh Leow
The members think of the wealth
Even the youth, male and female, jump in the boat
They too wanted a short paradise but of dignity?

But it has already gone
MCA Boh Leow makes it bad
Read a similar line from Hades
The sins will boil in the lake of fire

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