Tuesday, December 26, 2017

in the park

In the park
The people gather to relax
Some bring children along
Some on dates or romance

In the park
The trees of shades and shadows
The cry of children run
The parents sit and watch

The cool air in the evening
The sunset glows in the sky
The many eyes watch
The day of each other life

In the park
The stress free flow
Let the work stay behind
Let the promises stay low for a while

In the park
The parents and children run
The lovers walk hand in hand
Time of their lives

The monkeys watch
Sitting on the high
Looking for bananas and peanuts
They sit and watch till the sun goes down

In the park
The evening cool air
Time for the little pesty vampires
They will fly out with bloody eyes

In the night in the park
The whispering lovers roam
Leaving behind condoms
Leaving behind footprints

In the early morning rise
The park workers arrive
They start to do the clean up
Picking up rubbish and dead twigs

Along the walkabout in the park
The workers will pick up used condoms
Throw it out from the cars or vans
Some may do it in the dark shades

Well...the park attendants will tell
The stories of what they pick up
Women who may hitch their guys
Women who may have their last fling

The hunters and the hunted
The night of the hunting ground
Thinking of the wild in the woods
The park will silently alive

Some toys are left behind
The parents in a hurry to go home
Leaving the children's toys
The park workers bring home and share

The sun rising in the sky
The birds tweet loudly in the shades
The park workers will carry on their tasks
They don't have time to worry

In the park
The normal routine will begin
A place to keep a sanity
A place to feel stress free

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