Sunday, December 31, 2017

time to move on

Some may not agree
The apology of Dr M
They think he will not change
The spots are there

These critics forget
He is in his 90s
He will not keep his spots
He has to make amends

We all make our mistakes
At that time we thought it was right
In time we felt it was wrong
It doesn't say we are bad

Those who spent time in jail
Under Operation Lalang would not forget
It is best they recognize it and moved on
Let history say of that time

Now it's time to dislodge Bee Anne
Its leaders make us look bad in the world
The scandals and corruption and greed
It is much worst compared to Dr M

Give the support to Pakatan Harapan
It is the way to make our lives change
Put Bee Anne leaders and cronies
In Bamboo River and let them sing their songs

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