Saturday, December 23, 2017

it's lonely of the time

It's lonely
It's the echo
Every one will go through
The bad pages of life

Some want to stay lonely
They don't want to socialize
They want to stay on their own
Living a lonely existence

Some will get married
They think their lives will be full
As the years wage on
Married life can be lonely too

When communication never flow
Once it was hours of talking
On married life it seems the conversation stops
It has dried up the minds of work and commitments

As the age wages on
The old couples become grandparents
They will be saddled with grandchildren
Wake up in the morning sleep late at night

On personal level there is the echo
The mind always on the grandchildren
For themselves flow into the back woods
Living in echo remembering the footprints

It's lonely
In the rushing way of economy
The mind always thinking of money
There will be less personal interactions

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