Thursday, December 28, 2017

the horse riders

The foxes hide in the bushes
Panting heavy trying to escape
Eyes in red minds in top flight
This time it will be over

The pack of mongrels
Running and barking wildly
Chasing the foxes on the run
Now the mongrels top and smell

The horse riders stop
Eyes train to seek the foxes
The horses feeling the heat
Breathing hard before the run again

The mongrels barking at the riders
The tails wagging eagerly to run
The horse riders pull the horses up
And yell for the race to start

The foxes see the scene
Quickly the foxes run ahead
Across streams and keeping away distance
They don't want to be caught and shot

The horse riders stop
The mongrels barking near the stream
Running wild with anticipation
The riders can't smell the hunt

The horse riders return
The mongrels barking incessantly
The truth is in the bushes
The horse riders don't see

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