Monday, December 18, 2017

don't let bee anne stay

Don't let Bee Anne stay
It has stayed too long for us
It has brought us the divide and rule
It has brought us its 3R game of throne

Don't let Bee Anne stay
The party leaders still talk on race
Everything still on race agenda
When it should cater for all

It's leaders speak
We have to digest it into parts
We can't take it as a wholesome plan
Within minutes its back to race

In different function it will be said
To arouse support on a different audience
The 3R game of throne will be highlighted
Drumming the support to stay

We hear and read
Of Bee Anne ways of politics
It's time to say goodbye to Bee Anne
Let Pakatan Harapan take the mandate

Don't let Bee Anne stay
Let the party bite the dust
Let the wind blow it away
We have a new story to say

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