Tuesday, December 12, 2017

time we opt for the change

Politics is good and bad
In the general scheme of things
A voter has to decide
Live in the good or in the hole

When a leader has bad intentions
He shouldn't be voted in to lead
He will bring bad feeling to all
A voter has to think hard on it

When a party has stayed too long
We read most of the bad things happening
It is time we have to send the party home
To the ground of dust to learn its basic values

When good keep disappearing
When lies and deception grow
A voter mustn't be blinded by cash handouts
It is a ploy to make the leader in power

There is a time a politic of good must prevail
This time it has to happen to correct the imbalance
When the little napoleons and politicians routed in Talibanism
They want to impose the Islamic way of life

The nation is Secular
It will stay this way under the Constitution
It is time to change the way ahead for us
This time we must elect Pakatan Harapan

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