Monday, December 11, 2017

don't forget how it was before

Si Comel once a vagabond cat
This persian cat roamed the streets and alleys
Looking for his food and drinking water
When his mistress moved house
Leaving him behind to feed for himself

For months he roamed hunting for his food
He grew thin and tired face as the days gone by
Maybe God took kindly to him
And directed the cat to my house
He came and never left for a while

Si Comel has food and a place to stay
He received good food and drinking water
He doesn't have to roam the streets or alleys
He can have the whole garden to himself
But he seems to be wooed by Satan...

In the day he stayed around
By night he disappeared out of the house
He would return in the morning light
Waiting for his meal....

That was his routine
Until 2 weeks ago
He completely never stayed home
He only showed his face on meals time
In the morning and late evening

Though I tracked him down
He would follow me back home
Then he would jump out again
When I wasn't looking at him

He makes his choice of living
I have to stop feeding him
Maybe it will help him to remember
When he starts to find his own food and water

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