Friday, December 15, 2017

pakatan harapan

It's now or never!
Pakatan Harapan
You can't be sleeping
You can't be arguing

You must have a concrete plan
You must make the choice soon
You mustn't think you have the time
When you wake up it will be gone

Bee Anne ship is full of holes
It hasn't sunk in the ocean
It pays high commission to float
The sailors brave it along

Though it will not last
There will be a time
The sailors will know their fate
In the ocean of sharks

It's now or never!
To wrestle control of the nation
Though Amno B talks big
It is the time it will fall flat

Though Pakatan Harapan
You must get your act together
You have the advantage to change it
Don't let it run away from your grip!

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