Sunday, December 17, 2017

the old man his punch

The Old Man returns his state awards
To a certain ruler who criticized him
He gladly returned it without waiting
A ruler can demand to return it

But Amno B leaders will sing the bad song
Calling the Old Man childish to return the awards
This is the master tactician in works
He doesn't have to receive the official letter..

The awards do not make a person
It is the good deed and charity
Way when a person is gone
The people will speak fondly of him

The Old Man does the correct way
He returns the awards for he receives no respect
Even from his former party leaders
He still gets the hammer blows

He is on the road
To spread the news of a change
A man who will bring rural folks to realize it
The country needs him to transform their minds

Many may not agree of his past
We should accord him the respect
He did pull us out of economic pitfalls
Give him a chance to see the changes we need

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