Sunday, December 31, 2017

the year 2017

The year 2017
It is coming to its close
It's time to take stock
The winnings and losses

The New Year Resolutions
I don't make it anymore
It may sound good on paper
But outside factors derailed its work

I keep one many years ago
It tells me I completed a few
One I done it half way
One I got it easy for my life

The year 2017
I have minor health issue
It isn't bad at all
Overall I am good in my well-being

I don't have winnings
I don't suffer losses
Though I am grounded on local tourism
It is best for myself

Economically I am surviving
I don't have financial blues to ponder
Everything I owned I had paid it all
I don't hooked into debts or addiction of drugs

I am free like the wind
Touching lives touching places
Living the time I have
The year 2017

The year of the Dog
I can't see far ahead
Maybe I don't see any change for me
I still live free writing what I see and read

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