Sunday, December 17, 2017

let sanity prevail in our minds

Persistence for a cause
It depends on the outcome
If it is for a good way of life
It has to be encouraged

Like a story I heard eons ago
Of a postman in Taiwan
He sent his personal love letters
To a woman whom he saw at first sight

He used to post his letters on his round
To the woman while walking his work
He personally sent over 1,000 letters everyday
Until the woman agreed to marry him!

That's the persistence in work
It brings life together and happiness
A kind of love story in the unromantic way
But it worked for the postman

While Palestine and Israel
The persistence of the wrong way
It never helps to end the conflict
It brings chaos and deaths

The tragedy still bathes in blood
Of bullets, killings and murders
Of political feuding and bad blood
On the same family tree

The persistence of a life
The persistence of a death
All of us have a choice to make
Let sanity prevail in our minds

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