Thursday, December 14, 2017

the call for anwar release

The call for Anwar release
It is the right thing to do
He has suffered enough
He shouldn't be in jail at all!

The political persecution
It will make the nation lose
In the eyes of the world
Anwar doesn't steal does he?

It shows how Amno B leaders
Afraid to release Anwar Ibrahim
Its Home Minister refuses to grant leave
For Anwar's lawyer to consult him

Now Dr M appeals for Anwar release
Amno B will attack Dr M....
It is really sad how Amno B leaders behave
He's the founder president of the party

Maybe Dr M is following Tunku's footstep
Tunku helped to secure a pardon for Harun Idris
The King pardoned Harun Idris he walked out a free man
Dr M thinks of the nation and Anwar can galvanized the people

This country must be saved from the crooks
Every agency seems to be locked in.....
Auditor General's Report will tell us why
We can't allow it to go on

Pakatan Harapan
Its leaders better take shape
Don't sleep on the tasks ahead
It is now or never!

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