Friday, December 22, 2017

bury the green moon, Kelantanese

The green moon of Kelantan
The slow economic paces bring economic woes
The people are living not in the best hope
It is best Kelantanese kicked out the green moon

The green moon runs by religious people
Every word is about Islam and its goodness
Yet with its political Islam it makes bad decisions
Dividing Kelantanese into groups...

Laws and rules tilted to Islamic way of life
The green moon forgets it is the 21st century
The certain aspects of living have to change
A person can't live in a cave forever!

The slow economic growth its leaders say is deliberate
In other words the party leaders aren't efficient to manage
They know nothing about economy to improve lives
They dream of paradise without the hard work!

Now the state has the highest HIV cases
The green moon has failed in its management
The control of people's lives will backfired
The backdoors will be used to play the games

The Kelantanese should wake up now
Enough under the green moon rule
Let Amanah take control to improve the economy
Bury the green moon in its paradise!

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