Friday, December 22, 2017

pakatan will rule selangor

The prawn towkay
He can dream in the pond
Selangor will not return to Bee Anne
Amno b can bury its head in the sand

Selangorians are smart people
They don't want cronies to swallow up projects
They want a fair deal, fair play and equal benefits
Currently Pakatan Harapan doing it well

The prawn towkay
You want Selangorians to be coolies?
So you can plunder at will?
I say “thank you”

The past Chief Ministers came
They had their chances they blew it
So there will be no back door sneaking
It is time you be your own towkay

Pakatan Harapan will rule Selangor
This is the reality on the ground
You can brag all you want
Amno b will have to sing “My cheating heart”

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