Friday, December 29, 2017

there is always a cure for cancer

Cancer strikes
It sends a bad signal
Once it is in the system
The feeling of loss

The mind will cave in
The body will give up
It makes the victim stare
The life force going away

It is said cancer doesn't kill you
It is the commond diseases will
When the body system is down
It is the open gate of hell

The modern medicine can't help
It costs a lot of money to seek remedy
It may run high on the basic stage of cancer
When it doesn't work cancer will spread

The nature foods will help
There are for us for many reasons
It maintains our health and fight diseases
It doesn't cause bad side effects

Beets and carrot
Soursup fruit juice
Jackfruit, grapes, blush berry
Brinjal juice, baking soda, dandeloin roots

These foods have health benefits
It can kill cancer cells
When modern medicine fails
These fruits will come in handy

Don't go kill yourself
Fight it to the last
Try it and see what will happen
It will help you in many ways

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