Tuesday, December 19, 2017

now the underworld bounty hunters

What's wrong with this nation?
Every day we will hear somebody die
Not by natural causes but murder
Leaving us with bad memory in our minds

Once we heard of the guns on hire
They came by motorbikes gunned down the victims
The hired assassins could escape easily
The police couldn't find the culprits

Even the last incident
A woman was gunned down in Old Klang Road
The police rounded the bad hats
They went to court found insufficient evidence

They were promptly acquited by the court
The female victim couldn't find a closure
Now in JB bounty on the head
This is something new in the underworld

A Chinese man was knifed to death
More gruesome the attackers ran him over by car
This was to make sure he stayed dead
The wife ran pleading for help

The bounty hunters escape
The police say they have leads
Will the murderers disappear?
Maybe kill by their own gang?

The underworld bosses
They may not want the police to snoop around
They take care of their own soldiers
Leaving the police with empty straws

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