Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the eviction

When you earn to live a day
Life can't be a bliss or joy
Everyday you wake up to see
Will there be light for you?

When you work your butt off
You will have that fear in your head
Will you meet an accident?
Will your employer sack you?

Now don't talk of saving
Working from day to day
You can't hardly save
You earn to survive

You may rent a house or a room
Pay the rental leaving enough to live
The everyday life, eat, sleep and work
The cycle will not break anytime soon

Once you owe rent
The landlord will not show mercy
He will ask you to leave
You will have no roof to hide

Without a permanent employment
You will stare at life in the bad
The years ahead you don't wish to know
For today you don't know where to go

It is a fact of life
The real episodes in our eyes
We read it all the times
The landlords will show no mercy

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