Thursday, December 21, 2017

si comel behaving like a stray cat

Si Comel back to his old habits
He hasn't returned home the whole day
Even today he never greeted me in the morning
He was absent in the morning light and shine

I walked out to look for him
Around the houses of single storeys
I found him lazing around
So happy in the empty house

He turned and stretched
Rolling on the floor wagging tail
He didn't see me at the gate
Once he saw me he got a shock on his face

He stood there with his open eyes
Looking at me as if he couldn't recognize me
He walked out of the gate of the empty house
Followed me a while then sniffed for female cats

He left me and chased the female cats
On the single storey houses as I walked back home
I decided not to feed him when he returned
I must teach him a lesson or he can stay away

I think he likes dirty places
Of oil or dust on the porch area
The Persian cat behaves like a stray
I better let him and let him find his own food

Maybe this will teach him
An easy life shouldn't be thrown away
If he doesn't stay back home
There is nothing for him to return to

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