Sunday, December 17, 2017

Palestine and Israel

Palestine and Israel
Let them settle it their way
The world leaders shouldn't join in
It will pit Islam and Christianity

The problem with both countries
They don't give and take
One keeps on fighting
Generations after generations

One will keep on expanding
Believing it is the winner takes all
So the loser will pay dearly
But Palestine refuses to see

Both people can trace back to the same family tree
It is the family quarrel that never found peace
Now each will try to make it worst every day
They should just invite and thrash out the bad blood

Now US wants to play big brother
US president makes the situation tense up again
In the field of chaos he thinks he can be a better president
He doesn't know history he makes it worst

Palestine and Israel
The feuding families ties
The generation of people arrived
Nothing has changed but deaths of conflict

Palestine and Israel
Time to heal the family wounds
Time to stop the bad family feuds
Time to live and time to forget

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