Saturday, December 09, 2017

don't twist history

Amno B likes to make fake news
Amno Old wasn't the party alone
fighting for independence
It involved MCA and MIC too
It wasn't a race who did it
It was the collective efforts
to fight for our freedom

Before Alliance came to power
It was the CPM who fought for freedom
These people fought against the Japanese
Later they fought against the British
When British Colonial granted independence
CPM fought against the Alliance
For the aborted recognition

The Alliance didn't do the real fight
They went to London to talk over tea
Maybe banging tables to get the idea ahead
The British government gave in when its power losing
It was better to get out before it turned ugly
As waves of independent fighters fought in all fronts

No Amno Old didn't fight alone
It involved other races and parties
To lift the freedom for the nation
Amno B should go back to history
Amno B doesn't fight for independence!
It was the old Amno of Tunku's era
Together with MCA and MIC
And the support of other races then

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