Thursday, December 28, 2017

a new team will take up the stage

The cauldron is boiling
The bubbles of hot water flow
Every drop there is a reason
The scandals soiled the nation

The barking dogs stand around
Watching the bubbles don't see the drop
They only smell the aroma of scented meat
Whet their salivas hoping to dip in

The drum beats surrounding them
The barking dogs stay and look
They don't find anything wrong
They only think of the scented meat

Across the nation
The people have realized it
This isn't going to help
They have to make it happen

Though the barking dogs realize
All good things must come to an end
But they feel this isn't the time
They know of the scandals but play ignorant

The people of the nation
They will let them feel the blue
Once the opportunity knocks the door
A new team will take up the stage

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