Sunday, December 17, 2017

murder or sudden death?

The marks and bruises
The police classify as sudden death
Don't they see the visuals on the neck?
Maybe want to quickly close the case?

Did she indulge in extreme sex?
The life and death way of fornication?
It explains why she was fully naked
Thrown out from the higher floors

Death on the ground
In the morning hot sun blades
The woman was gone too young too soon*
She mixed with the wrong crowd

Now the father wants answer
His daugter's death must have a conclusion
Why did it happen?
She wasn't in depression

He wants an independent post mortem
That's his right to request to perform for the truth
It must tell the story of her last moment
Before she flew out from higher floor

May her death be a story to tell
Let the current group learn and be aware
The pitfalls of mixing the wrong crowd
Drugs, wine, song, sex and blowing time away

*she was 19 years old model

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