Thursday, December 21, 2017

in the next election

In the next election
Pick the candidates who can do work
Select the candidates who don't spin lies
Look for candidates who fight for the people
Leave those who think of party first
Let them sink to their low and learn
The party should be in second
For without the people the candidates can't win

In the next election
Leave out the crooks and corrupted
Kick out the greedy ones too
Axe the bad hats who use religion
Divide the people and the nation
We don't need these candidates
We have seen how toxic it will be!

In the next election
Choose wisely who can represent the people
We mustn't allow lip service to fool us
Once we caste our votes there is no turning back
Let the ball roll in and sink a goal!

In the next election
We have to make the change
It is absolutely what the nation needed
She is crying for so many years
Seeing her wealth walking away
By the dishonest leaders and cronies
Sinking her into a low image and dignity
It's time we corrected the image
Boot out the crooks and liars for good!
We don't need them to work for us

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