Monday, December 18, 2017

until the next season begins

The season of female cats
It is over for the hunting mates
Time they go separate way
Each on a mission
Until the next season begins

The great pretender realizes it
Now he stays home during the day
The time of early morning hunting
It has become a footprint
Until the next season begins

Though at night the Persian cat
He will take his meal and disappear
He will not be back unless he is hungry
Running with the other cats...
Sitting around or sleeping elsewhere

He has his new hide out
I can't find its place currently
Though I walk around his usual hang outs
I find no trace of the Persian cat

In the morning he will show his eager face
He knows he is hungry waiting at his usual corner
Looking at me when I should serve him his meal
And I will say “Where have you been?”
He will look at me and meow.....

The great pretender
The nights he will disappear
In the day he will stay at home
Until the next season begins
He will disappear the whole day

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