Wednesday, December 20, 2017

the lies never go dry

The lies never go dry
When there are stupid people
The lies will keep on repeating
And the saga will keep playing

The regime gives encouragement to Mat Rempits
The thugs on motorbikes will take up a notch higher
They will behave they are the untouchables
They aren't afraid of the police or Rela

They are the thugs of a regime
Feeding them to cause fear on the road
Even filing nomination papers they will be around
Carrying the party flags zooming in their bikes

These Mat Rempits can be on sniffing glue
They can be on drugs or high on ice
Majority have no permanent employment
But they have monies to throw around

But the lies keep riding places
The police have their hands full
Occasionally the police rounded them up
Forcing them to push their motorbikes

In the end the problem still persists
Mat Rempits still roaring on the streets
Even a few ministers voicing support
The mentality of the leaders afraid to lose power

We have to decide
Honestly a change needs to arrive
The nation is crying for help
We can't pretend we are sleeping

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