Saturday, December 23, 2017

look at the sports minister

Look at the Sports Minister
He doesn't need to paint a bad picture
If he doesn't want the swimming head coach
Let him go and say thank you

He doesn't have to paint of toxic environment
He shouldn't shift the blame to the coach
By doing so it reflects badly on him as a minister
Coaches are hired on contracts

The swimming head coach performed his duty
He produced many gold medallists
By his toxic statement he degrades himself
As it seems all Amno b leaders do

The culture of fear, intimidation, bullying
And the case of rape involving a swimming coach
It shouldn't reflect on the head coach of the incident
He can't control a person urges and crimes can he?

Likewise the Sports Minister should ask himself
Who is to blame involving over $100 million corruption?
It is involved in his own ministry
By right he should resign months ago

But he didn't do it
He pushed the blame on his officials
Now he blames the swimming head coach
Of something the coach can't control

Sacrifices are needed to produce champions
The methods may be harsh as all training needed to be
Otherwise how to get results when laziness creep in?
If the trainees can't take it, they shouldn't be in sports

This is the culture in Amno b
The leaders hardly take responsibility
They will push it to others for the fall
They will say they don't know...

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