Monday, December 11, 2017

let the liars go

Time we must face the truth
Vote for Bee Anne vote to lose our values
We will not smell the roses
We have all the thorns...

The red and white wooing the green moon
In public the red and white eager to hitch a ride
But the green moon seems reluctant to compromise
Its grassroots put a pole distance with the red and white

And Bee Anne partners stay a cool silence
If it is the Rocket, the partners will shout high
Now with red and white and green moon
There is no shouting on the stage....

The red and white wants an Islamic state
Its ministers touching on the water to feel its beats
Hooking it up with the green moon it hopes to achieve it
Forgetting the Constitution of a Secular State

The 3R still displays predominantly
Galloping a race of its rights and values
Always trying to sound it is losing
But it is all the lies...

The Constitution guarantees it
It is the harmony for a united nation
Once the lopsided gathers traction
Who will lose it all?

It is the nation
And her colorful people
We mustn't allow disunity to rule
The nation will not prosper

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