Thursday, December 28, 2017

the old town dead at night

The old town looks dead
When night drags its time
All the shops will be closed
Leaving the place in hollow

Once I remembered
Stayed in the town for a while
It was a night of food and drinks
The street stalls did a roaring trade

Years had passed
The old town night life sucks
There is nothing to do
It is early to bed

Maybe the green moon will like it
There will be no more sins to say
The night everybody should stay indoors
Watching news or televisions

When the new bus station takes shape
The old town will become a hollow night
The activities will shift bordering to the new town
Leaving the old town active in the day because of banks

The old town will not get back its heyday
Unless entertainment outlets are established
In it there will be the night flow of activities
Letting the old town get back its shine

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