Monday, May 31, 2010

the black hole

The black hole vibrates
Struggling to get free
Of the creatures hiding in
With a final push the world rains

The creatures of thousands years
Burying deep in the unknown space
Traveling under clouds of chains
The heavy load the sins break free

On Earth the paradise glow
The demons will come to annihilate
Believing it is the place to strike
Let the sinners grow; paradise cry

The people aren't aware
The sins keep storing rising temperature
Clouding the blue white sky
Blinding them of the good vibes

The black hole opens
The ugly creatures smile
Sucking it out to paradise land
Where sins will grow; humans will suffer

dont be afraid

The country's bankruptcy
The warlords and cronies carrying it on
Accumulating wealth to fill in their deep pockets

The cronies smile eating all
Supporting measures the people pay
Of sweat, tears and complaints

The foreboding has been foretold
The country will plunge into debts
Unless we change our fortunes

The way forward for the people
Change the systems and government
Do not be afraid; you make it work

joy of life

Joy of life
There is up and down
As time clicks away

Frustrations sink into emotion
As events kicking unfairly
Disturbing the mind

Eyes can see
The windows scene
Hoping the wind bring

The smell of grass
The natural flow senses breathe
Allowing the aroma for a change

Joy of life
It's how you make it
Everything in a circle

Stop a while
Breathe it in
It's up and down

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the truth light the darkness

Deception will bring you down
You can win in the earlier rounds
As you move to make your wealth
Slowly the foundation will tumble

Greed will make you fall
Into the land of darkness dwell
You can hide from your victims
In the end payback will claim

Lies will carry you
Into the sand gravely yard
Sinking slowly without notice
As you stand the ground opens

The darkness will live
Amongst the hearts of deceit
Fooling yourself living in half full glory
When the truth prevails the fear arrives

Take the torch of light
Light up the darkness
For the truth will set you free
Into the rays of freedom

the bad dreams 3

Rusty gets dressed
In the car park he walks
Hurriedly to his car

Quickly he starts
Rear mirror he forgets
He just drives out

A woman driver horns at him
For he nearly bangs into her
Screeching tyres he hears

On the streets
Rusty gets stuck in traffic
Cursing silently on his timing

When the traffic turns green
He finds his car stalls in traffic
He walks out of the car.....

Standing in the morning sun
A traffic police man comes to help
Pushing his car to a side lane

Rusty tries a few times
The car revs into life
He thanks the police man

In his office
He can't concentrate
He looks everywhere

The people he sees
Half humans half animals
He rubs his eyes many times

“Boss wakes up!”
“Wh what?!”
“You are sleeping”

The secretary smile
“Late night yesterday?”
Rusty yawns “You never know”

man why the greed

The crying in the sky
Red eyes orange purple light
Shooting out of its plight

The painted glow
The eyes see and hold
The nature flow

The reflection of a life
The carelessness stopping time
Oil spill in the water; death some how

The tries and spins
The crying in the sky
“Man why the greed?”

pkr learn your lessons

PKR learn your lessons
Pick your people well
Treat them as a unit
Running for the people

It's hard to digest
On defections....
Allegedly on wealth and projects
Silently secrets kept

Proving it
The darkness crawl
For the light will take time
Hiding secrets a long while

The renewal will come
The trust of the people want
Prepare now for the target
Let the ground swell

Saturday, May 29, 2010

the bad dream 2

Rusty wakes
Sweat pouring on his body
He searches inwards
Of events he had done

He put on his slippers
Walk wearily to the windows
Peeping out into the dim darkness
He sees a man with a hat waving at him

Rusty strains his eyes
He thinks he is imagining
The man with a hat keep waving
Then he suddenly floats away

Rusty rubs his eyes
“Is this real?”
He opens and sees nothing
Only the night insects

He still keeps looking
His awakened mind can't sleep
The man with a hat.......
As he ponders about him

The white cloudy mist
Floating to his view
A white hand reaching for him
Rusty jumps falling as he trips

His world turning dark
As the man with a hat appears
“Now you will join me
In this life you took”

Rusty fights it hard
He doesn't want to go yet
The world he lives hasn't ended
He struggles kicking hard on the floor

When he wakes up
He looks around
Sweat on his body
A bad dream in reality

the photograph in the attic

“Bella sweetie!” Come to mama
“You have grown girl” since last I saw you
The little girl crawls out from underneath the table
Smiling sweetly seeing her mother

Angie looks at her little girl
The unfaithful boyfriend dumped her
One day when she told him of her pregnancy
Andrew quickly withdrew hidden away his emotions

When Angie came home from work
She found her house empty of his belonging
On the table she found a letter..............
“Dear Angie” he says

Bella was 3 years old
When Angie left her to her sister
“Maggie take good care of Bella
I am going to Saudi Arabia”

“How long Angie?”
“A couple of years
Then I will return for Bella”
Maggie waited for years
Angie never comes home

Now in the attic
Bella stares at the photograph
She remembers little of her mother
Now looking at the picture....

Tears begin to fall
Droplets falling onto her hands
Holding the photograph of her dear mother
She looks so exactly like her!

“Bella where are you?”
“I am at the attic Maggie
Trying to sort things out
Before we move ”

Maggie sits on her chair
Taking stock of her dwelling
Years she has been
Taking care of Bella

How the years passed on
In no time she has grown
She looks so like her sister
Nobody knows where she is

Maggie stares at the window panes
How many times she has done it
She hardly can remember..........
Always hoping her sister will walk by

The morning sun playfully dance
The rich bright golden rays of its light
Casting long dark shadows into her home
Blossoming up with golden beam

Maggie thinks “Is this a good omen?
After years of waiting things may have changed?”
“Bella, are you ready yet?”
“Just a minute Maggie!”

Bella sits in the attic
Crossed her legs holding the photograph
“Bella don't be naughty
Now eat your cereals”

Bella eying her mother
Closing one eye....
She pretends she doesn't know
“Bella! Be a good girl!”

“I don't want to eat
Mommy I want an ice cream”
“Bella sweetie not in the morning
Now take your cereal.........”

The memories of her history
Suddenly appears like yesterday
Angie looking stern but smiling
Bella wipes her tears from her eyes

“Where are you mommy?
It has been a long time
You don't write; you never call
Are you dead or alive?”

“Bella the taxi has arrived”
“I will be down Maggie
Some loose ends to tie up”
“Be quick you hear me?”

Bella stares at the photograph
Years of memories flashing back
The smile of her mother makes the world free
In her small mind she loved it the most

The years gone
One day her mother left her
Telling her she would be back
In a couple of years.........

Since then she stays
With her aunt Maggie
She has become part of her life
Maggie doesn't get married

Though through the years
Many suitors came and gone
Maggie holds on to her responsibility
Even though Angie never writes or calls

Maggie dreams about her sister
Leaving her daughter for her....
She sits on her chair again
Munching her biscuits drinking her tea

Times are bad for them
Jobs are cut opportunities drying up
Maggie has to sell her house
Moving out to a small town

The purchaser had paid
The down payment for the house
The property agent didn't disclose the buyer
Maggie accepted the deposit

Promising to move out within 3 months
Now the time has come to leave the house
Maggie cries silently leaving her footprints behind
In this house her parents and Angie and Maggie

2 weeks ago Maggie received her money
She sold the house for over $500,000/-
Maggie thinks she can manage it
On a small scale in a small town

She takes a bite of her biscuit
Sipping her tea small teardrops fall
She quickly wipes it away
When she looks up...she sees some one familiar!

Maggie opens her mouth
Staring at the woman walking nearer to her house
“She can't be her!
After all these years!”

Maggie wipes her tears
Trying to believe she is Angie
She has finally come home!
She stares again at the approaching figure

Angie by now could be in her early forties
Maggie tries to visualize what she will look
Through the window she sees the same features
Angie hardly age at all!

Maggie quickly runs to the door
Opening it she sees the woman approaching
On the front porch she smile sweetly
“Maggie my sister!”

“Is that you Angie?
You hardly aged in those years!”
The sisters hug shading tears of joy
“I am sorry I hardly write or call”

“Now let me look at you!
The years have changed
You seem the same
I thought I see a wrong person”

The taxi driver walks to Maggie
“Are you leaving now?”
“Can you wait for a while?”
“Sure ma'am is your money”

Angie queries
“Leaving this house?”
“I had sold it Angie
I need money to live”

“I thought...........”
“No Angie years are hard
The economy is bad so I had to sell”
“Didn't the agent tell you anything?”

Maggie stares at her sister
“What are you saying Angie?”
“I know how stubborn and proud you are
Only in this way you will accept...”

Maggie eye to eye with Angie
“You mean you bought the house?”
“Yes Maggie and you aren't leaving
I have come home to stay!”

“You surprise me Angie!
All those years you don't write or call
And now you bought the house
I put it for sale”

“I saw it on internet
So I contacted Tom
One of my high school boyfriends
He arranged all the whole transactions
Keeping the details out from you”

“Still you never call me Angie”
“I know I didn't Maggie
I want to surprise you
Come on you love surprises!”

“I told Tom
You can stay and don't leave the house
I guess Tom forgot about it”
Maggie takes Angie's hands

“You better come in
This is your house”
“No Maggie
It is our home
It never changes”

Maggie calls up the attic
“Bella you have a surprise
You better come down now
You will not regret it”

Angie picks up
“Bella here?”
“She is in the attic
Quite a while she stays there”

Bella takes a deep breath
Wiping her tears remembering her mother
The sweet smile lingering in her mind
As she slowly climbs down from the attic

“Maggie I am ready now”
She touches the banister
The woods of her childhood play
Walking hurriedly to the kitchen

Right as she enters
The woman so like her mother
Smiling sweetly as if of yesterday
“Mom! You are back!”

“Yes Bella
Mommy is back!
Now come to mommy
You look exactly like me!”

Bella tears falling
Crying of happiness
Angie her mother is back
And she is moving house

When the reunion is over
“You don't have to move out
I bought this house........
It belongs in the family”

Bella hugs her mother
“So Maggie, you and I
All staying here for good?”
“It is Bella”

The morning sun rays rising high
Shadows flow laughter in the house
The memories of the past floating along
The house remain in sister's hand

Bella smile exactly like her mother
The world in her life finally completes
The shadows of the 3 women
Mingle into one as laughter rings

the bad dream

The sharks in the oceans
Swimming under water
Gliding so perfectly
Eyes glowing watching the struggling

The rusty legs dangling
Pushing hard to get away
“Help me! Somebody!”
The sharks fins glide

The rusty man yells
“Not you! It can't be you!”
“Why not rusty?
You are in my territory!”

Rusty tries to swim away
Frantically splashing all around him
Creating waves and sound........
Many sharks come to watch

“This is an ocean
You are deep into it
The leading shark is here
Say your prayer Rusty!”

The shark bites into his body
Rusty floats away
He wakes up with sweat

He stares at the miniature shark
Displaying on his writing table
“What are you?
Scaring me out of my wit!”

the rusty man

Maybe he thinks he's Hang Tuah
Banished for a while under money politics
Keep on a leash be a good dog.......
Barking when it suits the matter

When the time come for him
He will march into his glory
Fighting for his race cause
He thinks he has the ball

As Hang Tuah realized
He couldn't be a Sultan
He could be a slave to the crown
Killing his best friend fighting for his honour

The implosion should have clowns
Inside to make the play applause ringing
Let them forget; let them talk the 3Ps
Until the voters write them off quickly

The rusty mind on the rusty man
Crowing the glory he thinks he will get
By the time he realizes the weak legs
He is long gone into the deep ocean

The large ship can't sail
She gets stuck on the muddy shore
Too many hours of merriment
Until it slowly sinking 6 feet underground

The clowns still singing
Blowing pipes telling stories
Of the grandeur of a great party
As the dark water rising up slowly

it's payback time

The light dim
The long shadow
As the old man walks
Now feeling alone

The years of autocratic rule
Sacking people challenging him
Venting frustrations questioning his authority
The people gone cursing him badly

As Frank Sinatra sings
“And now the final curtain....”
The old man wishes he could do it right
Yet he never changes

He still thinks like his younger days
Do to others; others don't do to him
As he whips them into submission
The light dim....

The agony begins
The old man knows
It's payback time
He can't escape

Friday, May 28, 2010

the costs and the causes

The man sits on the bench
Under the setting sun
Clutching his pay envelope
He counts the costs to pay

The spiraling costs jump
It eats into his paycheck
Every item the people need
It reduces his disposal income

He sits on the bench
Looking at the poor management
Of the country's resources
Besetting the country in economic spiral

How to survive?
After paying the costs
He has to eat chilli and salted fish
This is as much as he could provide

Saving for raining days
He can't even think about it
Now the dim light shines
He gets up ready to face his family

the coconut trees

The charred coconut trees
Standing tall proudly display
Even when the fire dies
The wind strongly taking it

The burned out trunks
Fighting to stay alive
Breathing heavily with soot
Decaying will bring it down

The charred coconut trees
Fighting to stay alive
For others to have a chance
Surviving on the madness run

The night fall
The grim shadows flow
Standing high smoke blowing
The sky changes rain shattering the grip

The charred coconut trees
Feel the water live begin to grow
The hiding cells welcoming rain
In the darkness something exchanges

By the morning dew
Nature works its miracles
Some coconut trees survive
To give a hand for the next generation

we decide our sins

Life a beach
On the clear blue water
Sipping cocktails, mock-tails and beers
Lazy around the moneys spin

The towkays win
No matter how they spin
Putting up side notices
“Muslims aren't allowed”

In reality every one can buy
Tickets to a million chance
Dreaming of the whole scene
Only if they know how to plan

Through the ages of Man
Wealth creations the dream desire
Pushing far into the scale
Legal and illegal the business triumph

In a way we make our own fate
Pauper, rich or poor in life
Whatever sins throwing into the ring
We decide our sins......


House by the sea
House by the lake
The dreaming life
It's so easy to create

House by the sea
The quietness of the night
No motor vehicles silence flow
The night seems golden

Only the sea
Weaving with light ripples
The waves slapping on the shore
On the rocky slopes; on the beach

Whirring breezes lapping waves
Listening to its night caressing
Exploring the treasures touching souls
Of waves slapping the shores

House by the lake
The silent ripples flow
Smell the natural scent
Of trees and shrubs surrounding

Sometimes iguanas
Snakes and what not come ashore
Disturbing the quiet night
Of neighbours screaming out loud

Dreaming is so easy flowing
Imagining the good things in the mind
Lifting up spirits in the make believe world
Only time will tell changing into reality

listen to reason

The thousand cries
The wind singing its roar
Into the silent night
Of the dark shadows

The pain rain
The emotion running high
Of life of daily routines
Of Brutus type characters

On the streets
The sound of cars horns
Announcing its mean machines
Traffic lights winking through

The thousand cries
On the battle lights
Red, yellow and green
The mean machines

It's no way to race
On the emotional rain
The focus out of sight
The wayward hollow

Listen to reason
The life lead
on the thousand cries
It's in the mind

Thursday, May 27, 2010

the light shines

Some one gone
Birds, dogs, and cats
Friends, relatives and families

Pain will evolve
Painting it hard in our eyes and minds
Pushing out the emotions........

The tears will fall
The memories crushing down
The remembrance of some one

Memories of the footprints
It's hard to forget yet life has to move on
Remembering the past live the present

Tomorrow is something
Nobody can tell.........
The walk to the unknown

A chance all will get
When the light shines
In the darkness dwell

time out

We can't live sanity all the time
We can't be goody two good shoes
Sometimes we need to go insane
Do something different for a change

Of course not to Tanjung Rambutan
That place is for looney tunes to recuperate
It is something to disappear from society
Living up to enjoy one's own passion and time

On the road to recovery; sometimes to think
About life in general society we live in
It's a good way to recharge battery
Come back feeling new and fresh mint

Of all things we learned
Establishing credits to the future
Of footprints and memories painting
Amongst those we touched and remembered

Sanity crashes rule of life
It's doing crazy believable things sometimes
Helping to put life in perspective
As the time clicking; passing through

the shadow

The shadow flowing
Every day light and dark
Every step equally match

In places of public domains
In places of secret hideouts
The shadow never hides

Even sitting on public places
Watching people walking by
The shadow never waves goodbye

When sleep comes along
The shadow floats upwards
Watching its body breathing slowly

The shadow always hangs around
Every time in the waking hours
Nothing will ever change

The recording of deeds
The invincible book of records
In time the judgement rules

There is no secret
The shadow will take
Every bit of it

the humming birds grown

Yesterday I saw
The little birdies all grown
I released them on 12 May 10
Let them free

One was hopping
On the front porch pillar
Tweeting for a while
As I whistled along

It stopped, listening
Maybe trying to recall
I used to whistle at them
In the bird cage for 14 days

Now they have grown
They will start its own family too
Flying free in the sky
Tweeting away sound of freedom

the split personality

Susan tries to console herself
Tara now disappears
In her place Teresa arrives
“Wah you look the same
How many years I haven't seen you?
Maybe 3 years or so.........”

Susan wipes her tears
“Where's Tara? Tell me Teresa!
What have you done with her?”
“Hold on sister! Who's Tara?”

The police officer walks by
Listening to their arguments
“Hey! Are you gals alright?”
Susan tries to smile at him
“We are fine just family matters”
“Are you sure?
You seem so angry a while ago!”
“I am alright officer”

As the police officer goes away
Susan can't control her temper
“You are Tara now Teresa!
What games are you playing?
Can't you grow up Tara?”

Tara looks away
Years when growing up
She used to play her games
Making fun at her sister Susan
Until it evolves into her
Now Teresa is asserting her influence
Kicking Tara back into the black hole

She stares back at Susan
“Tara has gone
Into the darkness of her doing
She makes me the alter ego
Now you must live with me”

Susan sobs
The police officer runs back to see
“Now what's happening?”
Susan points at her sister........

“You have done so much disturbances in the store
You don't have the liberty to create another one here”
“I didn't do anything officer
We are trying to establish my identity”

The police officer looks at his charge form
“Your name is Tara with a young son
And she is your sister Susan bailing you out”
“It can't be officer There must be a mistake!”

“Why it is in your charge form?
Are you saying you are a different person?”
Tara stares eyes glaring at the police officer
“My name is Teresa and I have no son!”

“Ya right! But it isn't in the charge form
You shouldn't make any more scene lady
I have a lot of work to do
So I appreciate some cooperation?”

Teresa doesn't like what she heard
In the police station she nods her head
“Susan shall we go home now?”
“Alright dear you make me worried”

Teresa smile sweetly
Touching her face and hair
Susan thinks Tara is back
This is her small gestures

As they walk out from the police station
“Tara isn't back Susan
So don't feel so happy about”
Susan stops and eyes teary

“I know you are Teresa
Yet you can't fool me
Tara is still inside your body
You can't ignore her pleas!”

Teresa opens the car door
Sitting in the front seat
“As you wish Susan”
As her sister starts the car

The bungalow house of 3 storey
Lighted up glowing to the sea
The soft breeze blowing through
The parents James and Gloria

Anxiously waiting at the verandah
Eyes peeling towards the road
For the familiar car of dark blue
Driving slowly to a stop.......

“Are they coming?”
“Susan calls saying on their way
I don't know what you will say
For Tara is Teresa now”

“Is she still playing her games?
I remember ages ago she switched her roles
One minute Tara; one second Teresa
Now she becomes serious with Teresa thing?”

“I let you find out my dear
I wasn't around most of their growing up years
So I guess you have a better judgement then me”
“I guess you are right”

“You want tea?”
“Iced tea and some biscuits
As we wait for the dark blue car”
“You are anxious aren't you?”

Gloria goes to her kitchen
Age has been kind to her
She doesn't suffer any physical or emotional abuses
She is as pretty as she was a young woman

She can understand Tara's roles
James never learns what she was before
She used to play a game too
Lara St Giles she used to take

Every guy in school knew
The slut on the side line
Taking on guys with no attachment
Lara was a woman of loose morals

So she smile
“I can relate to Tara
I know what she is trying to do”
As she pours tea picks up ice cubes in the fridge

James smile
As the dark blue car arrives
Susan waves to her father
It has been ages since the last she saw

James looks young
Aging well into his age
He doesn't look 65 years old
Smiling widely seeing his daughters

“Hi Dad!”
“Well good to see you
Susan and you Tara
Or it is Teresa now?”

Don't play the game
I had a hard time dealing with it”
“So you are............”

Tara looks at the old man
White hair smiling face
Smooth fingers kindly eyes
A firm grip confident flow

“I am Teresa
She says she is my sister
So I guess I am your daughter too
But I don't recall any remembrance”

“Well you have another name
Tara what I can remember
Your mother chose it for you”
“I have a mother?”

“Yeah dear, here she comes!”
Gloria still stunning at aged 55 years old
She gave 2 daughters yet she is a beauty
James always think he is a lucky guy

Though he doesn't admit
He wasn't the first Gloria after
Looking at his beautiful wife
With his tea stunning as ever!

“Hi mom!” Susan smile
Tara only looks at the older woman
So much like her in manners and appearances
“You are my mother?”

“Sure Tara
I carried you for 9 months
Took care of you for decades
You asked me am I your mother?”

“I don't know
You like a lot like me
So I should say I am your daughter
The resemblance in the family eh?”

“You are so right Teresa!
You never miss a bit at all”
Now Tara looks confuse
This old hag knows her well

“Come on Teresa
Walk right in
This is your home
You have forgotten it?”

Tara climbs the familiar steps
The shadowy thoughts come back
The little gestures of her handiwork
Displayed on the walls.........

Fighting back tears
Tara finally appears
“Mom! I am home!
I just can't believe it!”

Gloria and James rush in
“What's the matter Teresa?”
“Mom that was a cheap trick
I used to play that role long ago!”

James eyes glow
“Ah our daughter finally back
You have been away a long time
These paintings always brings you alive”

Susan walks in cautiously
She doesn't want to argue with her sister
“Hi Sunny you too back home?”
Susan runs to hug her sister

the sun golden rays

The sun golden rays
Hitting hot on the window panes
Carving out its burning heat
You think God is angry or something

Carving long shadows across
As if peeping through your soul
Capturing you in its claws
“Look at me don't be a fool!”

The heat becomes unbearable
It circulates around the house
In the morning glory sun
The still wind afraid to hiss around

The day seems to blossom
The trick of nature keeping awake
Carving out its shadows
You think God is angry or something

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the true light every one

The darkness flow
The traps lay for the unwary
Painted glory of the past
On the misdeeds and evil bribes

The dark shadows flow
Casting the doubts to many
Debating and arguing to no end
For their minds clouded with corruptions

It is the work of greed
Let the people get the crumbs
Pieces of gold; pieces of sparkling diamonds
Into their eyes and minds collapsing into darkest pits

Open eyes and light up the minds
For the greens out in the freedom
Don't believe the lies and short changes
The true light for every one

buy election under icu

Buy election under ICU
The sweaty pants bribery again

The people pray
Let it comes many will gain

The goods and promises
Many hope will get it

The tax money
Plundering for own benefits

Using public services
Down right display of arrogance

The bus driver doesn't care
He breaks all the traffic rules

Catch me if you dare
I am the king on the roads!

the coconut trees

The coconut trees
Tall and short on the vast farmland
The farmers stand to look

The morning sun rays
Rushing to light up the day
Until the monkeys jump

Plucking coconuts
Twisting it hard round and round
The coconuts fall hard on the ground

The bribe of nuts
For a job well done
The farmers wrapped it up

when the eyes close

Where is the sun?
When the eyes close for the darkness

Where is the moon?
There is no light in the darkness

Where is the stars?
There is none in the dark sky

Where is the wind?
There is no whirring of caress

Where is the guiding light?
A faith of a believe in the mind

Where is heaven?
The dreams multiplying effects

Where is hell?
Ah the measurement of height

What is sleep?
The journey of no where

When the eyes finally open
The heat of rays shining bright and free

dreams beyond borders

Life and death
It's the way one has to go
Born and die learning hope
Of kingdom beyond our borders

What will it be?
Nobody returns to tell
Only faith and a believe
Of redemption beyond our dreams

Pain and suffering
Pay back for our sins
Unless you find ways to earn credits
Reducing the deficits

Life and death
Nothing much to argue
The time table set
Only make the best of it

Learn what we must
The balancing act of good and evil
Help a little along the way
It will add up to ease pain

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The tragedy of the policy makers
Forgot history trying to carve a new

It happens every where
Africa. Asia, Europe, and US
The policy makers forget

We are all born equal
In the eyes of our Creator
Colours, skins, eyes and shapes

It is a test of our faith
Learning it before we enter heavens
Have we learned it?

The way to disharmony
In our faces we know

It is the demonic mind
Hell bent to make human sacrifice
Of race and colour of skin

Love your neighbour
Where has it gone?
It is greed and power

hugging it, folks

Learning no boundary
Not even with age to worry
Learn a thing or two in harmony

Give a person a hug
Nobody wants to be a rug
Stepping stone no emotional laugh

Try a hug if you haven't
It makes the flow like heaven
The close intimacy the line driven

You write it well
Of hugs and spell
It makes closeness swell

If every one tries
The harmony multiplies
The world will be at peace

gangs and rapists 2

Mothers cry
Teachers try
The school boys and girls
They don't think of the future

Pack bags go to school
Meeting friends talking what to do
After schools hanging out
Forget about school work

Forming cliques
Go for fun games
Friday and Saturday
The world of their own

In the late morning night
Cruising out in the dark stars
Thinking it is fun without control
Until some get shot died on the spot

Mothers cry
Teachers try
The school boys and girls
They don't think of the future

gangs and rapists

Gangs and rapists
Now secondary students involved
The schools where education fail
Rearing students disciplinary hotspots

Parents and teachers
Closing eyes to the social ills
In schools the students can be identified
Only spare the rod spoil the child

Even on public eatery spots
The students openly smoke
They don't care what is the consequences
The knowledge of books far from their minds

Once there was a female student
Involved in sex got pregnant
About sex planning nothing is taught
The parents moved house ashamed of it all

Graffiti in schools
Now they do in public view
Once only happened in rest rooms
This time openly display of displeasure

Gangs and rapists
Somewhere the rot begins
Homes and schools
Indiscipline the root of it

Monday, May 24, 2010

the black gold

The black gold turns into tragedy
On the seas and natural vegetation
Of the birds trapped into the oil spill
The greed of Man knows no boundary

The shattering tremors
On the moving seas
The black gold smoke
The life out of greed

The innocence pay
For the black gold rampage
On the swampy land and seas
The power of greed lays it bare

The costs of mopping up
The black gold the eyes see tragedy
On the ripples taking its toll
The lonely savager the black gold leaks


borrowed from

Wing it away
In the early morning sun
You feel free

Like the wind
The cool breeze
You make the colours
Amongst the green leaves

The colours of the morning
You come here to stay
Don't wing it away

God's handiwork
Humans are at a loss
You tell it so

the greed will make them fall

Photobucket oil spill in April US
borrowed from

The wind stop blowing
The leaves shake a little
As the dark forms walk
The shadows run

The birds stop chirping
The insects of many kinds
Never appears in the hot sun
The silence greeting

On the rivers and wetlands
The black colour soiled the scenes
The darkened sight the hell of pain
There is no help crying in vain

The shadows smile
“Welcome to my world!”
The humans never learn
The greed will make them fall

our pillars of society

Our pillars of society
They rot the way they wanted
Once dip into the honey
It never ends in the journey

The taxpayers pay
For a lousy job they get
The pillars of our institutions
The idiots of our payment

The double standards
Publicly announced with glee
The methods change at their own desires
About laws they don't see it that way

Protection granted in law
Our pillars of society ignore
Only for the masters and cronies
The others can go rot in hell

Even government hospitals
Some one wrote must pay parking fees
Why enriching the cronies suffering taxpayers?
Paying twice for public institutions..

The only way
Change the government
Let a new party paint a new direction
Else it will be like the oil spill...suffering in pain

Sunday, May 23, 2010

american idol 9

American Idol
The low key players
The pulling effects
It seems lacking this year

American Idol
Now count begins
Lee and Crystal
Who will take the crown?

Bowersox seems predictable
The same wave length in her singing
She hasn't changed much through
She must raise her bar to take it

Lee changes
The lack of confidence to find his way
Steadily climbing up his place
He seems the find in American Idol

He powered his repertoire
The musical arrangements made
Every week he sings his range
He should be the one claiming his crown

Yet maybe Crystal
The Janis Joplin of this century
Unless she sings better than what she does
The woman will take the trophy

the water rationing

When there is drought
The dam level low
The water pressure reduces
In the long run people with plastic pails

Waiting anxiously for the water tankers
To bring them the clean water..........
The crowd of neighours solemn faces
Water, water, where are you?

When the water tankers arrive
The smile and rushing on line
Pails and children sometimes wastage
Carrying pails of water lifts and stairs

Once I was in Mersing
Staying for a few years
Drought brought severe water rationing
The people waited for water tanks

Only the treated pool water
Supplied to the area.....
Once it was reported in the newspapers
Of the filthy pool water supplied

It was a hardship suffered for months
Every one had to make use what was necessary
In time of prayers and natural rainfall
The situation managed to get back to normal

It was the worst water rationing
I experienced in my moving life
Now I stay a place bountiful rain
I hope I don't face water rationing

nest once more

Now the big birds
They made nest laid eggs
On the bamboo trees
They guarded it day and night

Once they made
They didn't come to nest
The training job on spot
Nothing happened for weeks

This time the birds
Took the same spot
The nest was made
And the eggs laid

At night the love birds
Sitting coolly on the nest
When darkness falls
They fall into dreams

island of langkawi

The island of dreams
Stay on for years
Until I gone away

Natural vegetations
The lush green can be seen
Surrounding by sea
Life is just a breeze

Hardly traffic jams
On the roads in Langkawi
Sometimes you hear
Floods and holidays jam

The 104 islands
Where legends told in history
Caves and lime stones

Now it may have changed
Developments came lush green gone
The island of Langkawi
The foot steps slowly disappearing

Saturday, May 22, 2010

this is equality?

Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics

This is equality
The women group want it

The man walks
Drinking his beer
His wife carries the crates
Maybe empty beers

The drizzling rain
The man with his umbrella

The wife lags behind
Carrying the crates of empty beers

If you look closer
Maybe she is a man in male's body

No wonder the guy
Walking high with his beer

broken affairs

Broken affairs
Once and many in a life
Some learn the hard way
Some never learn at all

The stitches in the heart
Stop the bleeding barely alive
Promise to be extra diligent
Yet falling into loving traps

Even married lives
Spouses start affairs
Blaming late night meeting
Sexual deficiency in relationship

In this world
Only men and women
Yet the heartaches many
Into broken affairs

Friday, May 21, 2010

change to move forward

Open alleged bribery
The Chinese don't want it
They have their morals and dignity
It is behind the curtain the shadows sing

In Sibu buy election
The ameeno leaders openly suggested
It sinks in the air without takers
Ameeno lost crying in silent mode

MCA leaders correctly rejected it
In the open to say how sincere they are
I doubt they will do behind close doors
When projects worth hundred millions or more?

There were many laws MCA supported
Likewise with Gerakan, MIC and PPP
These leaders past and present can't fight
For the country and her people's rights

We have all those draconian laws
We have all those alleged open bribery
And the people protests and complaints
Nothing happen it is business as usual

The corporate leaders we hear
They are part of B-End products
Projects and commissions flourished
We, as ordinary people, beg for it

Then we hear of puppeteers
They come offering help as if they care
In the beginning they just kowtow
The master shouts they hide in corners

Of course there will be supporters
They want to earn commissions painting good reviews
Of their political masters shadowing them every move
Of the 3Ps – power, projects, prosperity

the love bus 2

The love bus
It takes you every where
Passengers on the seats
Dreaming adventures in their minds

The sea of faces
The colours of many skins
The eyes of many shapes
The dreams something else

The love bus
Along the highway
Stops at the trunk roads
For others it is the end

On the journey
Eyes can see
Lush green buildings and drains
The signs of life; signs of aging

The love bus
Night falls
Sometimes amorous romps
Behind the back seats

Some end in loneliness
Some end with no links
Some end with grumpy faces
Some end without a story

But the love bus will go
Picking up passengers
Different group various dreams
On the roads again

life challenges

Life full of challenges
It waits for nobody
It comes to those who embrace it
Facing it with full confidence

This world isn't for faint hearted
It is for those who dare to go for it
The challenges facing a life's journey
Any failure shouldn't be ground to forget

We learned to our mistakes
We did many silly things part of learning
Yet some got scars the history never forgets
But the small grateful things help in the end

You have your journey
You have the mind to finish it
I pray you achieve what you plan
In the coming years as you struggle through

the love bus

The love bus
I remember one
From KKB to Fraser's Hill
The rickety bus plodding along

The winding road up the hill
The slim Chinese man drove
He felt so at ease driving it up
He could talk eyes away from the road

We called it the love bus
Those years it was the only one
Plying up to Fraser's Hill
Once a day else stay in KKB

Many tourists came
Women the guys would take
Offering places to stay
Jamming in The Tavern

Up in the hill for years
Before I moved out to the city
I do miss those years in the hill
Misty clouds easy life carefree ways

Golf course putting holes
Romance in the cool nights
Of ghost stories on rundown bungalows
Of dead butterflies and bees

The love bus brought
The love of my life to the hill
In a different sort of ways
It connected me back to the city

So I pray
Your love bus will flourish
Into decades to Magick River
Of cool nights whirring whisper

In the far distance
The sweet jamming melody
Of singing and musical playing
Surround by the natural bliss

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the mirror reflection

The queen bed
The embrace of the night
On the soft hard mattress
Sleeping dreams lie

The cool air blowing
The eyes begin to get drowsy
As the dreams take flight
It's the echo of the air vents

The 1001 nights stories
Enthralling the mind without ends
As the sleep begins to take
The past events keep in the box

The free in the night
The dreams of many
Taking its times to unfold
The mystery of each dream

The mirror reflection
The ceiling lights dimly awaken
Of dreams in heart and soul
A distance so near

The voices whisper
The angels design
The ways of tomorrow
Sleep well tonight

the bad dreams

She stifles a yawn
Touching the ground
The pebbles and twigs
Poking her bare skin

“What are these?”
Picking it up to see
“Oh my gosh the scaly skin
Where does it come from?”

Desperately trying to open her eyes
Under the shady tree warming through her soul
She finds it hard to get awake.............
The whirring wind tempting her to sleep

The scene changes
Under the dark water she swims
The gills pumping air feeling alive
She thinks she is a fish or mermaid?

She hardly can tell
Snaking through the dark water
She only feels she is alive and free
The endless stretches of darkness

Sophia bursts out into the air
Splashing water ripples flow
She doesn't know she is dead or alive
Kicking splashes of water

The sun golden rays
Hitting on her naked skin
“Am I alive or dead?
Somebody out there?!”

The silence greeting her
She stares at the empty shady tree
Buzzing with bees and dragonflies
The whirring breeze tempting her mind

She stares all around her
Vast land of water
She is right in it
And the waves hitting her

She goes under the water
Gulping as she goes down
Pool of white foam bubbling out
Into the empty space she drowns

When she opens her eyes
She is somewhere else.....
Running away naked
The sparkling noisy sickle

Branding on steel doors
Laughing as she runs away
The dream now takes a different route
Sophia's nightmares seem never end

Doors open every one she touches
Swinging wide for her to pass through
She stops breathing heavily
“Is this a trick or what?”

She takes a deep breath
Saying a short prayer......
She pushes open one door
Eyes showing the painful glow

The hell fire
The burning hands
The struggling heads
Yelling for deliverance

Sophia gasps
“Oh no I am on it again!”
Somebody pushing her
She flies into the waiting arms

She hangs by the spider's web
Dangling in the middle of the hell fire
All red eyes glowing for her

“Come on honey
It isn't bad on the ground”
Then a big black spider crawls
Sophia screams kicking in the water

She yells under the shady warm tree
“Help me! Help me! Somebody!”
She kicks her legs struggling to get free
A farmer walks by running to her

“Wake up Miss
You have a bad dream!”
Sophia opens her eyes
“What happens?”

“You have a bad dream
I was on my way home
Are you alright now?
I can stay here for a while”

Sophia feeling awkward
“I am sorry to stop your journey
Here is a nice place to take a nap”
The farmer smile showing his white teeth

“I know what you mean
I had bad dreams before”
“You do too?
Under this shady tree?”

“I was when I had nothing to do
I used to occupy the exact spot you are now
Dreaming all kinds of fantasy
So I guess this tree is jinx”

“The sun is setting soon
The sun rays slowly taking its bow
It's time you pack up and go home
Don't sleep under this big tree!”

Sophia doesn't get his name
Within minutes he disappears
“Wow! What is he?”
As she gets up clearing her things

Start her sports car
Revving it up driving away
She turns around to have a last look
The man waves a distance speck of glow

The smoke on the wheels
Running on mud and stones
Driving hard on the dusty road
Feeling the adrenalin pumping

She smile to herself
Staring at her on her rear mirror
“What a dream!”
A few seconds to look

On the corner of shady light
A water buffalo rushing out
It hits her car as she can't break on time
Car and buffalo humped into the trees

The car rolls over a few times
She screams as the car turns turtle
Landed into the bushes
A loud bang can be heard

The farmer hears the loud thud
Revving engine and smoke in the clouds
He runs like the wind
Within minutes he is at the scene

“Are you alright Miss?”
“Yeah I am fine with some cuts
Otherwise I am in good shape”
“The car needs massive repairs”

The farmer pulls the car door open
Take her hand take her out from her car
She comes with her body trembling
Otherwise she is in good shape

The water buffalo lying dead
Broken legs head crushes on the trees
The impact knocked out of its life
Blood on the ground a sorry sight

Sophia sits on the ground
Breathing slowly grateful to be alive
As the cool breeze blowing.....
“Is it a dream again?”

Sophia closes her eyes
Feel the sunset breeze
Brushing on her face and hair
The farmer whispers

“You are alright
The tow truck will arrive
The village mechanic will take care of it
Now you can follow me back”

“Don't I need to go to hospital?”
“Miss you look just fine to me
I am the village medicine man
So coming with me?”

As she gets up to go
She is back under the shady trees
Legs dangling on the water
Kicking so hard ripples write along

She sits upright
Rubbing her eyes
“Wah I am alright!
What a dream!”

The cloudy sky looms
The sun rays slowly dim
She knows she has overslept
She packs her belonging ready to go

The many shadows dance
Amongst the shady trees
She waves at the shadows
“See you all again!”

She revvs up her sports car
Put into gears she is going home
She feels the soft breeze
Eyes alert body in readiness
p/s my own conclusion

life is a passing facade

Like_The_Shadows_by_Iribel.jpg Caribia image by manajones
In the dark woods
The shadows dance
Whispering wind
Telling you “Come right in!”

Every step you take
The twigs curl branding your skin
Carving out your size
What will make your prize?

The bewitching lights
Holding it beautifully in your eyes
You aren't afraid; your fear all gone
The whispering call “You aren't alone”

Somewhere in the spot
The radiant lights shine
A woman dance smiling sweetly
In the shadowy woods

Life is a passing facade
Live it to the fullest before it is gone
Don't live to regret; live to embrace
The life riches bestowing on your journey

lured into the forest

Shadows_by_luna1245.jpg Caribia image by manajones
On the road
The car stops by
The woman driver walks out
Admiring the misty dark scenes

The lush natural woods
The misty colours float
She gets bewitched
She walks into it

The shadows smile
Amongst the trees
Whispering of fantasy
Of the woman forgetfulness

Don't go alone
Into a misty clouds of shadows
You never know what's behind it
You may not come out

The finishing story of your life
You may just get jinxed in the woods
Hook to them the witches of the forest
As you are lured into its shadows

mother and child

808992b5.jpg picture by lanaibeach
borrowed from
Mother and child
Holding it close
Protecting from harm
Of the world's predators

In the city
In the jungle
Mother and child
Forever links together

On the walk
Growing up years
Listening to advice
Getting it done

Mother and child
Embrace it in the mind
The child will grow
The mother's eyes still small

In the city
in the jungle
Mother worries
Every time of the day

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

always be prepared

You want action
You must prepare
The hit back

You can't say
You haven't thought about it
Once you did
The party may want retaliation

The red paint
And death threats
The cowards work best
In the darkness

You must have concrete evidence
Don't go in for half truths
Your own party leaders must know
Democracy both sides of the line

Rice bowl broken
The bad hats will come
You can't play without support
In a team for winning

No solo crusade
It spells the way down, Mani
Learn about past history
It will help to protect you

the voices of change

Voices of change
Ringing along the minds
The falling empire
There is no stopping now

You can say
You can bribe
You can corrupt
You can't stop change

Voices of people
Enough they say
Too many bad apples
Time to throw away

The country bleeds
The wealth going away
Of class classification
Disunity will fall a nation

Voices of change
Ringing along the minds
It will happen
The falling empire cry

they forget the basic foundation

We fought for our independence
In unity in the eyes of the British Government
With it the Colonial government gave in
Independence for the people's right to rule

The races united for the common goal
The independence of a free country
Living harmoniously with all the races
No race should feel obligated for a noble cause

The basic foundation laid
For the young nation to grow
The Alliance made it worthwhile
For the parties of race to unite

During those times
Every one never thought about race
They were there as one nation
Feeling proud to get the independence

The dark night of May
Events changed policies shifted
The unity seemed lost
The ugly face of race

In the decades gone
The lies and deceits abound
Corruptions gone into the administration
Eating the souls of the nation

No race should command
The gratitude from the others
We are bonded to this nation
Where we work for her glory

The old fashioned frog
What does he know?
The events have changed
He is still living in his shell

They are many like him
Afraid to change living in unity
They believe in divide and rule
The caste system dancing in their minds

money blind the mind

MoneyKing.gif Money image by shaey_2010
Money blind the mind
The eyes see the sign
The body and soul connect
Into the fairy tales of a life

Dreaming of paradise
Money in the pockets
The fortune bring no misery
So many thought it is

Ask the rich
They will tell you different stories
Maybe they want for the exclusiveness
Maybe they know they lost their independence

Yet money show no mercy
There is nothing to differentiate
Use it on the wrong way
Earning it on the side

Lives can be lost
Lives can be spent in misery
Lives can be put in jail
There is no value blinding the mind

Ask the poor
They sell their souls
For the paradise they dream
Any time they will go

Money it makes or breaks
Earning in the honest way
Dishonesty and black markets
Lives will be lost in misery

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

only the greed

Only the greed
Find ways to cheat
All for money what else?
You want to beat

You can't take them all
There are people who will sell souls
For the money they sing is God
Giving them the luxuries of life

Only the greed
The mind falls
Between hell and heaven
The greedy ones take hell

They tell you
There is no heaven
What you see today
It is living in it

love got no wrong

Love got no wrong
It comes in pure and shine
It never wants other ways
Until the minds play

Telling words of lies
Spinning in romantic light
The lines on the poles
Don't you listen?

Love got no wrong
It is heart of gold
The angelic eyes
Only the minds change

The purity of the beginning
How it turns and makes the days
Then bridge tolls come to play
Where have love gone?

The flaming eyes
The hatred in the minds
The green light shines
Don't you listen?

The art of love
Give and take when is best to give way
Let the love glow in minor strings
For the bigger picture of love whispering

Love got no wrong
It never has been in ages
It is only the mind playing games
The lines on the poles

the mother cat and her kitten

The lighter tone grey with orange spots cat
She came into the porch with her orange kitten
Carrying in her mouth ignoring me washing the car
The drizzling rain earlier as I returned from town

The confident movements
Hurriedly the mother cat went
Without rule of etiquette I walked after them
She ran left her kitten behind......

Naturally I put the kitten outside the fence
The mother cat kept meowing outside the front gate
Thinking I might have kept her kitten
She looked at me as I continued washing car

When I closed the door
Taking my shower the mother cat walked into the house
Meowing as usual thinking I took her kitten
When I came down the cat ran away

In the far distance I heard
The kitten meowing along the road
So the mother cat should be able to find
The kitten she left behind

i am natural

I am Natural
The world will let me free
I know it will be hard to see
Misty clouds pollution wings

On the ocean
The seas clogged with oil spills
I am Natural
Living life as free as can be

I hear they talk
About money and projects
They don't realize the damages
It will affect the environment

Yes I am Natural
Living the life of freedom
Soaring high like an eagle
Taking view a wider scope

And I know money and greed
The leaders of party will succeed
They will enrich themselves and cronies
Until finally they implode within

I am Natural
I live free in this world
Once a long time of history
Eden of wealth paradise free

time to pay

The black knight galloping away
Sweat on his forehead lance forgets

On the stream he stops
Staring at it for a long time

The easy flow through pebble stones
Sand and dried twigs and logs

There is no bribery; no cheating
No alleged money politics

The streams flow evenly through
Life of it no bribery or coercion

The black knight sighs
He has gone beyond repaired

His soul tainted in greed
Corruption rings in his ear

The day of retributions
The party will pay

As he finally gallops away
The wind says “the truth finally takes over!”

the empire is falling

The empire is falling
The cracks of crumbling walls
Crushing silently the foundation weak
In time the weaknesses pitch

The history of falling empires
The crude ways of dealing with people
Offering bribes and kickbacks
The temptation cracks the principles fall

B-End has decades
The party leaders never learn
They always think they can fool the voters
Offering money, projects and promises

Even licensing a barking dog
A racist and the likes of him
It is ancient history yet he couldn't learn
Harping on it as the stage has changed

The steps of darkness
Hulu Selangor got trapped
By the long suffering of requests
Sibu folks know the difference

Money politics isn't the way
Only good upright principles
People's welfare and country's progress
It's the way lighting up the country

When empire going to fall
The leaders play the dirty games
They forget the people
They forget promises

Monday, May 17, 2010

the history will be made

Sibu folks rocks!
They make a choice
A ringing tune in the ears
A vote for change

Though alleged money play
Offering projects and promises
Yet the Sibu folks crossed out
The alleged corrupter of the party

“You help me I help you”
The black knight spoke
Bringing his bags of good
The alleged bribery couldn't work

The slogan of 1Malaysia
It doesn't have the meat to work
The wall of skeletons dancing weakly
Telling others how strong it can be

When the crunch came
It never walks the talk
It is just a lame excuse
Trying to fool the people

Now the history
The Sibu folks make it
It will be the Waterloo for Ameeno
Enough of the crying pain

love your Earth

You have no conscious
Leaving me with all the pain
Let me stand on the lonely sea
Splashing waves making fun of me

I try not to think
Of the loneliness capturing soul
Leaving all behind me
As I stand bravely battling the waves

The rolling jaws
White foam in its mouth
Roaring with laughter
It never hides its glee

The Nature telling it so
You have toiled without soul
Now I am coming to teach lessons
Love your Earth the life of your own

the touching flames

The waves of colours
Flowing in rhythmic moves
Capturing the eyes
It never fades away

The brilliant glow
It seems of lovers flow
Searching for the ultimate passion
Of erotic touches flaming ego

In the shadows of candles
Dancing weaving it along
The touching flow flames in the souls
Of sound waves lingering in the valley

The whispering echo
It never fades in the mind
As the shadows glow the ego
The rhythmic flow waving a glow

the vain the pain

ahfoamWAVES.jpg WAVES image by jiminycricket46
By the window panes
You see birds hopping on the lanes
Drawing your curiosity drawing shades
Open the sliding door you try to invade

In the open you look at the lanes
The domestic dogs looking lame
No barking no more game
As you try your thoughts in frame

The cloudy sky and its shades
The sun light bright sometimes fade
You don't think about it of its made
You want a glory life of fame

The eager mind will invade
The world where it is made
You don't try to think of mind's vain
You see the world is also made of pain

Sunday, May 16, 2010

on the hilly mountain

On the hilly mountain
A man walks alone
Breathing the cool fresh air
Feeling so good

The misty colour air
It makes the day cool
He listens to all kind of birds
Chirping merrily in the woods

In the town centre
The rickety bus arrives
Unloading group of tourists
For the summer holidays

The shop owners smile
Money can be made alright
With the tourists in season
The till ringing money coming in

Years ago on the hill
Australian tourists came
Bringing with them
Views and cultures shared

On the hill the man just walks
Facing the golf course waving to friends
The day just like any other day
The misty fall the cool fresh air

we will dream on

The no principled man
Jumped on the wagon
Promising to fight for the people
For injustices and corruptions

A changed man he is not
A throw in his towel....
Wiping out his sweat and lies
On the people who put their trusts

The contributions can't be found
He can say what he wants now
For he is a loser any where he stood
The people will remember

He can't be a friend to all
The people hope he has changed
He only wants for his own.....
Leaving the voters in a lurch

The no principled man
Others like him people will learn
The con men in politics
We should bury them to pasture

sibu buy election

The Sibu folks
Bags full of magic
Raining hard on the ground
Open hands gathering harvests
B-end doesn't pay
All those years in government
Now this buy election
It starts to pour in
Take the money
Take the goods
It is yours anyway
It doesn't belong to B-end
Sibu folks
It's D-day in your hands
Know what had happened
Nothing much come your way
For over decades
The ruling party forgets
Now the leaders want you
Promising all kinds of goods
Sibu folks
Show us the way
Don't be afraid to change
Our ancestors did it

the wee afternoon

In the wee afternoon
A frog jumped out of the pond
The summer heat too hot to stay
Leaving his eggs all behind
The big eyes turning
He wants to join the big league
Many say it is where fortune is made
He licks his lips in the summer heat
On the side road he observes
The placards and notices hold
Many sweet young women parade
On the shadowy shades
He likes what he sees
The wearing sins bewitching his eyes
He rubs it a few times to make sure
What he sees isn't a mock up parade
In the wee afternoon
A frog jumped out of the pond
The summer heat too hot to stay
When he hears about fortunes to be made

the little birdies in the garden

The mama bird and 3 birdies
Hopping and tweeting happily
In the morning then again in late evening
Teaching the birdies of places of interest

On the ground searching for insects
The mama bird finds the birdies quickly fly
Flapping wings and tweeting loudly
They are eager to swallow the food

These are the 3 birdies in the cage
I released them 3 days ago............
So naturally I walk to the sliding door
Observing them and the usual antics I hear often

The mama bird teaching them
To fly and search for honey and insects
Not forgetting its resting sanctuary
Of honey and many insects of flowering trees

Saturday, May 15, 2010

learn from history

Empire falls
Greed and corruption

The power crazy
Doing things autocratic ways

Never want to consult others
Get everything no sharing

When empire is strong
Many suckers tag along

Plundering the country's wealth
Never think about tomorrow

When economic turning bad
Selling the country its way

Owing external debts
High costs of interest

The greed and corruption
The people and country suffer

love is never blind

1womanhidingincorner.gif Abused Woman 8 image by angelwingsofdv

Love is never blind
It is the lovers closing one eye
Of the bad habits and bullying
On the relationship running its course

The minds and eyes
It never closes every time
On the road of relationships
You better learn to stand on your own

When bad habits over runs
When the ugly faces turn to ruins
Do you still think love is blind?
Facing a person inflicting pain?

Love is never blind
See with your eyes
Learn it in your mind
Don't get conned the rest of your life

the humming birds

The humming birds
A parenting bird 3 little birdies

Tweeting loudly in the garden
Teaching how to find food

The happy family of birds
Gathering in a family unit

The look out for predators
The 3 little birdies hopping around

Searching for food
The art of hunting ground

When the big predators come
Tweeting loudly flying away

To the big trees nearby
The save sanctuary for a while

Friday, May 14, 2010

clear the mites

Many have expected Wee
To leave PKR months ago
The way he positioned himself
Gunning the very party giving him a belonging

The gratitude isn't there
The voters expect these representatives
Do a good job for the people
Put personal needs behind

There are always motives
Gratifications for short term
Wee has his own personal setbacks
Once it is in the open hawks come to bargain

Anwar though good in his oratory skills
He can command the masses to hear him speak
Inwardly he forgets to get cracking on his party
When elected persons resigned, he should wake up

No doubt he had admitted his short comings
Picking candidates during the last election
Now with the many representatives gone
Anwar should ask his close associates beef up the party

Now he knows
He can't depend on his likes
Proper screening and adoption
Of people's view to generate renewal

PKR leaders wake up mop the floor
Too many mites suffocating your minds
Mistakes on selection change the system
2 years before GE13 hit the goal post

life of abuses

Life of abuses
Many on the rise
Nobody wants to talk about
Initially feeling unwanted

Battered wives
Ill treated girlfriends
The wolves in sheep skin
Women have been warned

Yet in society
The wrong approaches happen
Life of abuses still rampant
In a society of well educated people

The crying in the loneliness
The nightmares reflected in the shadows
Of bad dreams unfairly treated
The women pray for deliverance

Life of choices
In a bad relationship
Life is free to roam
Don't be afraid to start alone

sibu folks change or remain?

Sibu folks
Now you go
Voting for change
Voting to remain

The black knight gallops
Bringing his bags of goods
Carrying by his horse
He hopes to get your votes

Telling you stories
His slogan his vision
He hasn't told you
What is behind his back?

One for you
Three backwards
One hope 2 visions
He hasn't played his full cards

So beware as your mark the cross
On the ballot papers staring at you
Vote for change; vote to remain
Sibu folks play your game

the people's traitors

The people's traitors
They can't stand the heat
They want to cash out
Quickly before it is too late

The internal conflicts
Of power and greed
Will they ever learn?
Politics isn't for power or wealth

It is for the people
It is for the country's needs
Don't short changed the voters
You will become the people's traitors

Short term gains
Long term suffering in disgrace
For you and your generations
You will not live in peace

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the sand of wealth

sandcastle.jpg sand castle image by TheLostSaint

The sand of wealth
The greed of the minds
Forgetting the principles of life
Degrading one's foundation the disease spreads

Face to face talk
Politicians fail to do
Within party leaders
Forming associations

The hammering blow
On the leadership sparks
Talking to party leaders
Face to face talk

It hardly happens
The ulterior motives
Abundance to make a fall
Crying wolf burning smoke

The sand of wealth
The pepples of greed
Magnetizing the mind
The fall from grace

what heart belong?

heart.gif heart image by avinele

The heart beating in the chest
Warming up the day and the night
Of living reaching out to get free
The way it pumps up every time

The black heart of greed
The dark shadows enticing the weak
Telling make believe stories
The gullible always fall....

The pyramid heart reaching the top
Underlings struggle working hard for it
Getting less through all the efforts
Of con people working on your heart desires

The heart of gold letting it free
Working for others helping to make a better living
Sharing the burden carrying the loads
The heart warming stories filling up our minds

The broken hearted the faces of defeat
Of assignments can't find time to make it
Of lovers' jealousy draining out the life
The worrying faces the heart beating foolishly

The itchy heart running for games
Love become an excuse to start affairs
Of the lonely hearts emotionally drained
In this world so many heart telling stories

Try heart to heart talk
Don't carry all the baggages
Make your heart go free
Live the life heart of richness

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

speed kills

Speed kills
Notices posted in our minds
Don't try to be number 1
On the road is free dealing

Speed kills
Yet how many listen?
Driving on the roads
Showing they can beat the red light?

Many died driving recklessly
Emotional flame and drunkard driving
They always think they can control
“I know the road been driving for ages”

The next thing they realize
In hospital nearly dead in beds
The tangled body injuries....
Saying regrets will be too late

I always play this song
In my head as I drive along
“Billy don't be a hero.....”
Better be late than never arrive

Genting Highlands
Gambling stalks the living
Of losers and broken affairs
Gambling debts and brakes failure

Even on the highland I heard stories
Of those people who once worked there
Of ghosts checking in and disappeared
Of nights of voices calling in the nights

Of ghosts following
Waiting for mistakes make
Of recklessness and emotional failure
The receipe of disaster waiting to happen

the pied piper from east coast

BarkingDogLogo.jpg Barking Dog Cycling image by kazan_photo

The Pied Piper from East Coast
Blowing with the typhoon...........
Rocking the boat of stability
He wants to match his history

“Arise Malays”
Tomorrow gathering
Police so grant permit
The imbalance of heritage

The rabid black dogs
Barking at the wrong road
The darkness in nation history
Afraid to lose even with support

The Pied Piper from East Coast
The ingratitude besetting his form
The support of the people in the country
This is where we all would be

We are Malaysians
Don't ever we forget
This is the nation
The glory or worst we make!

one fall guy again

One fall guy
The whole team got free

Accomplices aren't charged
Part of the team

This is the way
The work of choosing

The fall guy takes the blame
Why trigger happy to use it?

The top brass should be held
The way the lower ranks do

Regulations and rules
No training on daily basis

Read and lecture
Life lost the last resort

We pay to do a job
Does it with humanity

Taking lives the last penalty kick
Advantage with you; the guy with a gun!

goodbye little birdies

Goodbye little birdies
As you fly to your freedom
Let the tweeting can be heard
As you taste the free wind

Today I let them free
The flight of joyous flee
Up in the sky weak wings
It's freedom they would make it

The parenting birds fly in
Tweeting with joy seeing the little birdies
Finally they feel whole family unit
The joy of birds into the trees

Goodbye little birdies
The harsh reality the preying predators
Live the life you were born
Tweet your way the freedom of the wind

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the reality show

The strong wind blowing
Bending palm and bamboo trees
Swaying in every direction
Then the rain fall

Beating it through
Causing wet on sliding doors and porch area
The bird cage swaying
The little birdies looking straight

Flapping wings tweeting endlessly
The parenting birds flying in to feed
Spreading wings tweeting loudly
The happiness registered on the little birdies

Each little birdie trying to get in line
Pushing the others away to get the feed
Only the parenting birds know best
They feed the one they see it first

Rain or shine the parenting birds arrive
Bringing food to feed the little birdies
For weeks they carry on the routine
Until the little birdies have grown

The previous nights the birdies woke
They kept quiet heads popping up to see
No flapping wings no tweeting
Only trying to sense the echo I made

Even I stared at the cage
The little birdies remained quiet
Nothing to tell of predators
The little birdies kept it alone

Today the eldest birdie
It flapped its wings hopping wildly
The other 2 stared at the intrusion
Of sound hitting the metal cage

So night birds can see
When fully grown birds
They will know predators
Preying while they fall asleep

Tomorrow time to let them go
The parenting birds finding hard to search for food
The weather in the afternoon cloudy and gloomy
Insects will not be easy to hunt.........

I observed at evening
The parenting birds flying in to see
Tweeting for the little birdies
They jump wildly so eager to get free

For the past few days
It is the on going parenting feel
Hopping around the bamboo trees
Feeling sad flying to the cage

Peeping at the little birdies
Tweeting for them to get free
The little birdies flapping wings
The happiness sing in the cage

Night fall the parenting birds gone
Leaving the little birdies alone.....
Let them sleep huddling together
Prey there are no predators

The reality show
Prematurely ends tomorrow
If you hear the parenting birds
Tweeting sadly for the little birdies

It is how parents will search
When their children disappear
Finding them going every where
Praying they will be found