Thursday, June 30, 2016

alone in the sun

Alone in the sun
Walking on the beach
Dreaming of the memories
Nobody can see

Walking on the water
The waves licking it erotically
Touching the soft weathered beaten skin
Dreaming of the memories

Alone in the sun
Watching the naked sun shines
The golden rays on the naked skin
Putting marks of memory

Alone in the sun
Walking on the beach
Feeling the heat rising
The hot wind blowing carelessly

The beach sunbathers
Half naked the women
In public display on the beach
The sun riding it with its marks

Alone in the sun
The whistling of the wind
Walking on the beach
Dreaming of the memories

the glaring truth

The glaring truth
The dig up as many dirt as possible
Finding ways to mark a charge
Though it reads lack of substance

It is in the opposition camp
What else is new in framing the charges?
Though AGC and Macc know
It is merely to paint a tainted flow

Like the one we find on the walls
Where the rowdy boys will paint
In the wee hours of the dim morning
Feeling good to make their artistic pursuit

A few billions dollar man
There is no digging there is no interrogation
By his word of merely a donation
It is only disclose when foreign news spread

Everything is kept quiet
The round up of the players
Cut them away to fend for themselves
Afraid to face the truth

As of today he is walking free
The few billions dollar man
There is no framing of charges
Every agency seems to stay quiet

The people are watching
Knowing what to do next election
The city and town folks will know it
It is only the rural folks lack conviction

the tainted life

The tainted life
It grows in the bad
Once it is in
It will take a while

The tainted life
The bad sign always there
It will not go away
It sticks like a mad lover

There is no light or dark
It is always there in the life
The way when on the wrong turn
Eyes wide open mind surely knows

But the tainted life
It will not go away
It grows into it
It takes a while

Even every good deed
In the back of the mind
The tainted life still stands
There is no light or dark

rent or buy

Rent or buy?
The prospective homeowners try
They look for homes to stay
In this competitive supply

The demand curve is high
The supply line is flat
The developers can manipulate
The pricing of the homes

Unless you move a lot
On your work without a permanent base
Rent is the better option
You will not tie down with payments

It can run through a life time
It is basically jailed you in your life
It will make a permanent dent in your income
Everyday you wish y-ou can pull it through

Buying a home is a long term investment
It will lock in your income for a life time
Unless you have a permanent employment
Else rent is the better option

Rent or buy?
Everybody will seek an answer
It comes down to your permanent base
Else it is better to rent and enjoy life

the mighty will fall

The Titanic was unsinkable
Once in the ocean sailing
Nature took control
The Titanic sunk many lives lost

In European Cup
England could win over Iceland
With the expensive stars in the squad
But Iceland wrote her story

Iceland is a small nation
A population over 300,000
Britain has over 66 million
English players couldn't make it

Back home Bee Anne doesn't see
The leaders think they will stay forever
They have the largest membership
They think they can crush opponents

Bee Anne forgets about history
Empires fell rapidly
Political parties too suffered
Majority but how it fell

David and Goliath
The moment of truth and flourish
The right moment to make history
The story of the small man

The walls are crumbling
Though repairing works done
The unity will not hold it longer
It is built on cash is king

the ghosts

The ghosts like to play
In our eyes we will see
In the dim light of a dark
The eyes shining back

The eyes can't tell lie
The scream will light up the night
The fear in the eyes
The ghosts smile wickedly

Some will get sick
The shivering of a fear
The ghosts will come a calling
Disturbing the living souls

The medical doctors can't cure
No medicines will help it
It is back to temples and churches
The reading of the scriptures

Sometimes it is too late
The ghosts will take the souls away
Once a person is hit by a ghost
Don't waste time take immediate action

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

arrogance knows no bounce

Arrogance knows no bounds
The way of public services
The leaders should be humble and nice
But we see the other way round

The ground has cracked
The arrogant leaders still talk big
Come a day they will realize
In Bamboo River they will hide

The divide and rule
It hasn't changed till today
The arrogant leaders still behave
The cronies back the way

It has to change
A new party will take control
A different way to manage
The nation needs it badly

Of course the arrogant leaders will say
Don't rock the boat row with us
Together we will climb to seek our vision”
But they do the back doors too often

It is better to change
Get a new mapping to progress
We must have our destiny in our hands
This is our country; this is our lives

unchain the gate

Unchain the gate
Let the entrance go free
Let the smiling faces see
The beauty in the eyes

Let us be free
We don't have to live in fear
Unchain the gate
Let the freedom flow

Break down the walls
Let the divide and rule go
Let the bad fall in disgrace
We don't need them no more

Put signs on religion
Don't let the people go astray
Walking around in a daze
Unchain the gate

Put in chains
The borrowers of bad
Let them rot in jail
Don't let them see the light of day

Unchain the gate
Let the entrance go free
Put signs on the maze

We don't need to walk in a daze

for money many will fall

For money many fall
They think of no consequences
They are willing to sell their souls
For the short term joy and happiness

They don't see the bigger picture
They think of their own needs
They don't see beyond their race
They think it is for the good

They don't use their minds to ponder
The consequences befall on them
Many will say where is hell?
They don't see it in their lives

For money many fall
They think they can live well
They can take what is offered
They don't think of the consequences

For money many fall
They dare to go where angels run
Hell is always there for the bad
Maybe they don't believe it all

don't let it spread

Don't let it spread
The fanatics antics to the nation
She doesn't need this
She has enough on her plate

The police must act immediately
The tweeter king seems so quiet
When he should act quickly
Unless he is waiting for order

The damage has been done
The fanatics win the initial offering
Now they may want to test further
And see what they will gain by it

The weak leaders so busy
Collecting the goods from the wagon train
They don't hear or read about it
So soaked up to fill their needs

The nation of colourful people
They have enough of it lately
Maybe all should march together
Saving the nation from falling grace!

the weak leaders

The weak leaders
It makes the nation cry
Of the colourful people
Living in division and fear

The scandals led leadership
The opening room for exploitation
The fanatics who try to torch values
To make their own devilish marks

Read the scriptures sincerely
It tells you how wrong everything is
We are children of God
Death and Life belong to Almighty

The authorities stay silence
The groundwork of decades become hollow
Now the truth we are taken for a ride
The bad songs playing in the air

warming the bodies before the fall

The trap is set
It will not go away
Hiding out for a good cause
The change we seek to find

Let the corruptors feel
The services of the good
Let them feel the fire burning
Warming the bodies before the fall

The knockout punch will be delivered
The crying nation needs it anyway
No matter how it is done today
The light has to shine

The songs of the bad
It never rings in the ears
The change in the wind
The template must be removed

Let them sing the bad songs
Out of keys out of range
But the wind is changing direction
The undercurrent tsunami will hit

The nation needs it anyway
The minds looking for a change
It has to happen to this colourful nation
Before the ills swallow us all

cash is king

The Money Lord walking free
He makes his way calling his days

The movements of his money
The greedy ones make to his door

Mind you they say
Cash is king everyday

The buying of souls
As long as the cash stays

The leaders of marked souls
They will take the fall for the money

Living in this world
Cash is king everyday

The poor and homeless
Only watch and dream

The day will be
The bad day in the mind

As long as the good ones stay quiet
Thinking Nature will make the fight

They all will be wrong
They have to make it right

Cash is king
When people forget about sins

Don't dream of paradise
It is darkness in the eyes

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the single life

The single life
Everyone wants a share
The world is watching
Sometimes it passes by

The parents will be busybody
About neighbour's daughters
About neighbour's sons
Or friends or friend's friends

The single life
Sometimes it stays good
Sometimes it is lonely
Choose and live with it

Every life has a purpose
The way life should be
Everyone has choices
Sometimes it passes by

The single life
Everyone wants a share
Sometimes it stays good
Sometimes it passes by

sometimes it comes back

Sometimes it comes back
The haunting images of the past
It will start to give the nightmares
The night will never be the same

If you do bad things
Hiding it well within your walls
You think nobody will know
The bad infested mind

When the fire is burning
No bad wants to go in
It is when the fire is in amber
Slowly the bad will creep in

The sleepless nights cry
It makes you imagine all kinds
The shadows in the darkness
The mind will play tricks

Sometimes it comes back
The haunting images of the past
The sleepless nights cry
You want to come out and fly

the mummy girls

The mummy girls
They come out at nights
They are pretty in sexy attires
The nights are the hunting ground

The mummy girls
They have money in their minds
They will do what is required
They will make the men forget

The pressures of life
The nagging wives or girlfriends
The working problems and back stabbing
The financial burdens gripping minds

Yes..they are the mummy girls
They make the men feel so free and needed
All they want the money they will earn
In the nights they make the shine

The mummy girls
They come out at nights
They will make the men forget
In the nights they make the shine

the truth hurts

The truth hurts
Who say it isn't?
It is better to get it over
Then trying to live in a lie

It is better to own it up
Cut the chase makes the call
There is nothing to lose
Feel the pain at least the truth

Telling lies will not last
It can't be hidden for good
One day it has to leak out
By then where to hide

The truth hurts
It is better to get it out
No more digging holes
On a straight road

Monday, June 27, 2016

the bad cry

The Bamboo River is singing
The river of tears falling down
The ringing sound in the mind
The bad cry the fall of grace

Why lose your soul in this world?
Playing a game of lies and corruption
It will lead you to disgrace
When history will say about the event

It is better to lose in this world
Live the humblest and honest way
Do the good all the times
The evil will stay out of life

But many have failed to see
In this world they think they are great
When Death makes his way
No wealth will buy your freedom

Tell the truth it will save your soul
On a quiet night the Bamboo River sings
The bad is afraid to see the fall
When Death makes his way

dreams never die

Dreams never die
It stays behind waiting for a time
As long as the fire is burning
There will come a day

Who says dreams have to die?
It is why we are living
Looking forward to see
How dreams will turn out to be?

Maybe we will find obstacles
Stacking up high like a brick wall
Make it looks like a maze
We can run or walk in circle

But how long dreams to hide?
It is the person who dreams it will decide
As long as one is passionate about it
Dreams will turn out into reality

the circle will return

The ya-men rule
That's the way they feel
They kick out all the dissidents
They can't stand criticisms

One man afraid to go
He can't face the bad
How long he will hide?
The truth will strike him down

He better gets ready
Bamboo River is singing
Today he feels he has control
Every ya-man behind his back

The institutions seem contaminated
The action or decision tell it clearly
The ring of untruth circulates
But Bamboo River calling them

Saying the name of God
Showing how holy they can be
But calling God's name
They are afraid of the fall

Now they think they rule
The ya-men in expensive suits
They want to lord over the people
They forget the circle will return

the ring of circle

The walls put up
Some with electric fences
Surrounded by the bad faces
The darkness surely falling in

Living in fear of the fall
The taste of the power game
The controlling spreading wide
The ring of circle one shouldn't forget

Each of us will realize
It is better to do good now
Leave the bad behind
Learn to be humble

Death is a sure thing
You can't hide from it
When the time which is unknown
It will come a calling without knocking

There is one
So much baggage and lies
He still doesn't realize it
Death is laughing all the way

He will be a good stock
Put up to let others see in hell
The ring of circle will hit
It has no feeling

The walls put up
Some with electric fences
It will not put Death away
It is better to do good now

Sunday, June 26, 2016

the last candle in the darkness

All the yes men and women
They sing the same tune
It is good they stuck together
Of the bad they too are coated

Honesty throw away
The accountability seems in the dark
The corruption breeds on branches
Instead of standing separately and grow

The last candle in the darkness
All the yes men and women
They don't see the dim light
The shadows seem to get away

Though they can talk
The arrogance on their eyes
They don't see the dim light
It flickers to advice

All the yes men and women
They don't see a candle in the room
They don't see the dim light
Of the bad they too are coated

light or dark?

In life the only way certain
There is no argument or compromise
It can't achieve immortality
It is death when the day it was born

Living in the light and dark
Sometimes stepping on toes of the line
It makes the going tough for so many
Be the bad or be the good or do nothing

There is a choice
Life will have to choose
The good deeds or the bad
Doing nothing isn't an option

The life which breathes
It has to keep a record
In the eyes of the Creator
Nothing isn't an option

Life has to move
Learn to accept the consequences
Of the actions of a choice
Be the bad or be the good or do nothing

a brown moth

A brown moth flew
In the house yesterday
It stayed around
Flying into the rooms

It couldn't be found
It hid so well
I switched on the lights
The elusive moth couldn't be seen

When morning light painted the rooms
Searching for the moth couldn't be found
The curtains drawn back swept the floor
The brown moth couldn't be seen

It has to fly away
Else death will catch the moth
There is nothing for it to feed
Only death watching to collect its victim

a nice way to exit

A nice way to exit
The carpeted floor silence creeps
There is nothing to say
The self interests over-ride all else

The gateway to go
The darkness makes its way
In the mind there it stays
The story of a time

What else it bring?
The high profile cases run
Leaving a black mark
A nice way to exit

Fight the demons
Corruption on the rise
Greed taking rides
Only the nation cry

A nice way to exit
The silence creeps
What else it bring?
Leaving a black mark

Saturday, June 25, 2016

the changing is putting marks

The demon's crusade
Into every port of call
The good ones are chased away
Leaving the bad to handle cases

The easy picking has arrived
The eyes of the bad finally hit jackpot
The picking of the earlier ones
It was peanut in the account

It has to happen
It has to be seen
It has to go the distance
It has to let the people see

The crumbling walls begin
There is no turning back the clock
The demons will meet the fall
Into the cauldron of fire

Now they can say
Talk big and stay arrogant
It has to happen
It has to be seen

The democratic dictator
He clears his desk for the new
He thinks he will stay on forever
A mistake he will live to suffer

The changing is putting marks
In every corner of the minds
There is the time of the change
Impossible but it will have

the mummy girls

The mummy girls
They came all walk of lives
In the city of neon lights
They wanted to get rich quickly

All these girls who worked
In the night through early morning
They wanted to get the quick money
In the nightclubs of heat and cigarettes

Beers, wine, and whisky
Bottles of brandy came easily
The mummy girls made the sale
They wanted to earn the fat commissions

The elderly men who came
They were the easy target to keep company
The mummy girls could earn their keep
For these businessmen were easy in their pockets

When the night was over
The clever girls would keep their catch
Some gone for one night stand
Others may go home with some cash

The mummy girls
They came from all walk of lives
In the city of neon lights
They wanted to get rich quickly

a memory of faded face

The bus stops on the hill
On a clear windy day I watch
Out of the bus she walks down
A pretty girl I see

Every man on the hill
She walks alone with her bag
Nobody makes a move
They watch her in their eyes and minds

Maybe they want to try
On the hill we don't see many
The pretty women who travel alone
On the cool hill of long ago

It's only at night on the cool breezes
I walk to her and the easy conversation
We become like a couple in the days ahead
The nights of whisper and the stories stay behind

The romance in the cool hill
The nights never a dull time
Friends may ask but no answer to share
It's the secret until the day arrives

Goodbye seems the hardest to say
She is going home across the sea
It's only the memories and faded face
A pretty girl I once knew

the baggage of ills

The voters never let the nation down
On the record they say to get the promises
The Bee Anne leaders will have to fulfilled
They will wait to get the benefits

Right on cue the Bee Anne leaders say
The opponents can't stay together
The fractured relationship how to rule?
The hounding faces appear

Let Bee Anne feel the glow
The lights will dim on the final run
Don't they realize it is on borrowed time?
The wheel of change will arrive

Go on and spin lies
Divide the people; use all the laws
The clock is ticking away
Bee Anne doesn't have the time to play

The worrying faces behind the doors
They know the end is closing in
They know the signs the bad things keep on beating
The bags are packed jet planes on standby

The nation needs a fresh air
Too much of the old stinks her nose
The baggage of ills affecting her house
She can't stand it she needs a change

Friday, June 24, 2016

don't leave your child in a car

Don't cry in pain
The boy has gone
In the place he hasn't known
Leaving the world he knew

It isn't his fault
The parent left him in the SUV
With running engine
What she was thinking?

Many times have been said
Don't leave your child alone in the car
With running engine smog get into it
It will cause pain and tragedy

The boy climbed over to the driver's seat
Monkeys see monkey do in a child eyes
Push the gear into place the car moves
He got panic jumped out of the car

Before he knew what was happening
The SUV rolled over and pinned him
He surrendered his life in scream and pain
Leaving his world he didn't want to go yet

To atone of his carelessness
His body parts were donated
Giving others a chance to live
It may help to ease his parents pain

Don't leave your children in the cars
You may not know what demons will play
By the time you come back to see
There may be no children playing

it has to happen

The freedom of the mind
It is blocked in the laws
You can't have the flow
Into the coconut shell you go

There are many reasons
The darkness draw us into
The light of freedom
The dark forces can't do

The city and town folks
They know the score
They aren't easily intimidated
They don't easily influence

The rural folks
They haven't seen the bad
The crumbs they receive
They think it is paradise

But it has to change
When it hits bottom
The rising will hit the chart
It has to happen!

if tomorrow will tell

The eagle soars in the sky
Flying alone in the white and blue clouds
Soaring high listening to the wind
Leaving the distance far behind

A woman looks to the sky
Feeling alone wondering why
The wind touches her hair
Painting curls whispering softly

She looks at the eagle
Aren't you the same like me?
Soaring high but alone in the sky?”
She looks at the eagle thinking why

She has her chances in her life
She makes many mistakes now she is alone
Walking in the path feeling the pain in her heart
The years have flown away leaving her in pain

She just needs somebody
In her life to share and listen
Of the life she has to give
She's alone she can't soar high

The eagle soars high in the sky
Flying alone in the white and blue clouds
She just needs somebody
Of the life she has to share